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  1. Electronics newbie question, sorry! :oops: I'm trying to put together a small robot using a LaunchPad. It's a very simple, 2 wheeled, differential steering thing. I plan to use a 754410 H-bridge to control two small geared DC motors, and use an ultrasonic distance sensor for basic wall and object avoidance. Nothing revolutionary - this is just to get me the simplest platform possible moving around to build from. I need to make various voltages available to be able to do this. My motors want a 6v supply, I assume independently from the logic stuff. The MSP430 needs only a couple of volts, and my sensor needs regulated 5v. Can anyone point me at a tutorial, or give me some advice, about how best to do this? As to power, I have a 3xAA holder and a 6xAA holder, and plenty of NiMH AA batteries. So, 3.6v or 7.2v to hand, although I don't mind getting something else. My current thinking is to power the motors from the 7.2v pack. To power the LaunchPad I'll get a cheap USB "emergency" battery pack, like this one: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/aa-battery ... pack-15048 That way I can take a 5v feed from the LaunchPad for the sensor. Good idea?
  2. Have you checked out the TI samples program? There may be something in there that'd suit your purposes, for example: http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/p ... 51-q1.html
  3. Texas Instruments has announced a new video website: TI recently launched a new video repository which really takes us to the next level in online video. This new system (which can be found at http://videos.ti.com) creates a one-stop-shop for seeing all the video content, High quality video streaming with full screen capability. Share functionality which will allow you to post the video right in the player to many popular social sharing sites. Email functionality which will allow you to email the video to friends who might also find it of interest. Embed codes which allow you to place the video on your own pages. But one of the key new items which we are now offering our customers is User Generated Video. If you make any videos about how to use TI products we want you to upload them to our site! Simply go to http://uploadvideo.ti.com and load your file! We
  4. Yes, it seems to run OK. I think the error is because the LaunchPad is similar to, but not exactly the same as, the rf2500. This is about as small and simple as code can be, so I'll have to hope that it'll keep working if I do something more complex. Old stats on the Arduino site, for example, show that just over a quarter of visitors are using Macs. If you infer that they're developing on the same OS as they visit on, then that's a lot of untapped audience for TI to target. What I'll try to do next is get msp430-gcc and mspdebug working cleanly with XCode, then write up a howto.
  5. Finally!! I know not why though. :? iMac:temperature-demo test$ mspdebug rf2500 'prog main.elf' MSPDebug version 0.14 - debugging tool for MSP430 MCUs Copyright © 2009-2011 Daniel Beer This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Trying to open interface 1 on 002 Initializing FET... FET protocol version is 30001000 Configured for Spy-Bi-Wire Set Vcc: 3000 mV fet: FET returned error code 4 (Could not find device (or device not supported)) fet: command C_IDENT1 failed fet: identify failed Trying again... Initializing FET... FET protocol version is 30001000 Configured for Spy-Bi-Wire Sending reset... Set Vcc: 3000 mV Device ID: 0xf201 Device: MSP430G2231 Code memory starts at 0xf800 Number of breakpoints: 1 Erasing... Programming... Writing 128 bytes to f800... Writing 128 bytes to f880... Writing 128 bytes to f900... Writing 128 bytes to f980... Writing 128 bytes to fa00... Writing 128 bytes to fa80... Writing 128 bytes to fb00... Writing 128 bytes to fb80... Writing 128 bytes to fc00... Writing 76 bytes to fc80... Writing 32 bytes to ffe0... iMac:temperature-demo test$ OK, so it definitely worked, but now I'm worried about that error code 4...
  6. So, I'm at the end of dependency hell[1] and have the gcc tools successfully building elf firmware on my Mac. Yay. I also have MSPDebug installed and working. Double yay. Unfortunately, I'm kind of stuck when it comes to getting the elf to my LaunchPad. I tried to install the kernel[2] extension as noted in the MSPDebug FAQ, but borked my Mac totally to the point that I needed to go back to the metal and rebuild it from my Time Machine backup. At least I proved that I can restore my Mac if necessary! Question, and yes, I know it's a bit controversial - how does Arduino do this so painlessly? If TI do want more hobbyists on MSP430, and that would appear to be the plan given the low pricing, then a little less pain will be necessary. Does anyone know if there are any plans to be a bit more inclusive? [1] Dependency hell. Install msp430-gcc, you need magic binary A. To install A, you need B. To install B, you need script C. And so on, and so forth, until you're basically sat in front of a big black monolith wondering what the bone is for. [2] If any tool installation starts to drift towards kernel speak just run, don't walk away, lest you end up like Hudson in Aliens after the dropship crash, picking up smoking bits of metal and saying, "we're in some real pretty sh-t now, man! Now what are we gonna do?"
  7. My Mac's back. I just put in the OS disk, restarted, told the Mac to restore from Time Machine and then went to bed. Woke up to a happy Mac. I shall not be messing around with that null kernel extension again! :oops: I suppose this means I'll be using Parallels or Boot Camp to use the Windows tools instead, or using my work laptop. Slightly tiresome, but pragmatic.
  8. Happy is me! My Launchpads arrived! Less happy is that I somehow totally borked my Mac while trying to get the toolchain set up. Thanks, Time Machine. Only 6 hours of restore left... :oops:
  9. Yeah, my Piccolo only took a couple of days to get here. No answer from TI yet on where my LaunchPads are, or what the correct tracking number is. Never mind though - at least I'll have some kind of MSP430 to play with once my Chronos arrives, and happily I got the toolchain compiled and working on my Mac last night.
  10. Hi there crouton! I'm also in New Zealand. Bit worried that my three LaunchPads shipped on the 2nd February but haven't arrived yet. Did you get mine by mistake?
  11. Another new joiner here saying "Hi". I'm in NZ and am patiently awaiting the arrival of my first LaunchPads. Also a Chronos, because I couldn't resist, you know? :oops: Also snagged an $11 Piccolo to play around with with my laptop while I commute. Actually, I'm starting to get worried about my Launchpad, because they shipped weeks ago by DHL but haven't arrived, whereas the Chronos shipped a couple of days ago by Fedex and is making fine progress (currently in Honolulu). Worse, the DHL tracking number I got from TI doesn't work. What the heck though, in the meantime I'm preparing my Mac for MSP430 development, which is... progressing. I've been using an Arduino and fooling around with robots, and I figure the more strings to my bow, the more fun.
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