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  1. My LCD is crazy hahaha. look like my LCD is now I inicilizate and print CEFET, he look like this imageshack.us /photo/my-images/600/dsc05378kj.jpg/
  2. Don't work, i think my lcd spoiled i will change them
  3. I put the pin GND of launchpad in the GND of protoboard, but still don
  4. They are not connected together, the launchpad is connected to the PC and the LCD is on the protoboard
  5. look how stay my lcd imageshack. us/photo/my-images/135/dsc05376t.jpg
  6. I'm trying to initialize the LCD but I'm in trouble, he gets the first line all connected and not write anything. My LCD is MGD1602-FL and this is my code // // MSP430 LCD Code // #include "msp430.h" #define LCM_DIR P1DIR #define LCM_OUT P1OUT // // Define symbolic LCM - MCU pin mappings // We've set DATA PIN TO 4,5,6,7 for easy translation // #define LCM_PIN_RS BIT4 // P1.0 #define LCM_PIN_EN BIT5 // P1.1 #define LCM_PIN_D7 BIT0 // P1.7 #define LCM_PIN_D6 BIT1
  7. I'm not understanding the workings of this code. Look. #include "lcd.h" #include "msp430.h" #include "stdio.h" #include #include void update_display(float); void imprime(long int); unsigned int value=0; void main(){ InitializeLcm(); ClearLcmScreen(); WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop WDT ADC10CTL0 = ADC10SHT_2 + ADC10ON + ADC10IE; // ADC10ON, interrupt enabled ADC10CTL1 = INCH_1; // input A1 ADC10AE0 |= BIT2; for (; { ClearLcmScreen(); ADC10CTL0 |= ENC + ADC10SC; // Sampling and conversion start __
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