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  1. Thanks! I created the 24x32 numeral font this morning around 3:30am. Microsoft Paint FTW. [attachment=0]oled_big_font.jpg[/attachment]
  2. One last update for the day. After some cleanup and adjustments, I'll post the updated source. Enjoy some videos... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG35jlzYUiQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GOFmr7FOzc
  3. I'm in for 4 of them. 1. Bluehash------------------2 (USA) 2. GeekDoc------------------6 (USA) 3. Rickta59------------------3 4. caa028--------------------3 (USA) 5. zeke----------------------10 (Canada) 6. krzyk2--------------------10 (Poland) 7. Lars Norway-------------4 (Norway) 8. GreenITguy--------------3 (USA) 9. DanAndDusty------------2 (UK) 10. Jdownj------------------2 (USA) 11. xpg----------------------10 (Denmark) 12. Rcouto------------------6(Canada) 13. MEGAMERICAN---------4(USA) 14. RobG--------------------4 (USA) 15. fatihinanc--------------9 (Turkey) 16. znan
  4. I'll post the code on github in a few days. Gotta clean it up a little bit first and that OLED Booster distracted me.
  5. The drivers and demo program are ready. I would post a video but the camera and focus are not being cooperative. The demo runs a noisy pattern to get a visual of the framerate, displays an icon, then shows text in an outline. Button functionality is included; S2 on the LP toggles the display on or off, left button of the BP toggles inverting the display and the right button adjusts the contrast levels in steps of 10. I've uploaded everything to github. Please fork it and let's work on a few things together. The circle near the x-axis needs a bit of work. The next update will include text s
  6. Ok, sweet, with oPossum's code, a circle is somewhat working... [attachment=0]oled_circle.jpg[/attachment] Now, I'm seeing where the issue is. I've put all of this together based on page addressing mode. The lack of pixels around the x-axis are due to the column of that page being addressed multiple times. So, I either need to change modes for drawing circles (involves a lot more work and new pixelDraw function), or do a check for the column number to make sure they retain the proper fill (possibly easiest solution), or waste a lot of RAM and slow things down by writing to a memory locati
  7. Thanks, bluehash. Now graphics are working too! [attachment=0]oled_brain.jpg[/attachment] The circle function is giving me problems. For some reason, it draws a square 45deg offset from the center. Might have it sorted this evening. Programming in between helicopter battery charges.
  8. Here's a little preview of the OLED running on the G2553 using USCI. [attachment=0]oled_2553.jpg[/attachment] This weekend, I'll post code/drivers. It works on F2274 and G2553 so it should work on any USCI devices. I am using a standard 6x8 font instead of the included fonts with the USI drivers. Functions Included void SSD1306SendCommand( char *data, int i ); void SSD1306SendData( char *data, int i ); void setAddress( char page, char column ); void clearScreen(void); void charDraw(char row, char column, int data); void stringDraw( char row, char column, char *word); void pixel
  9. Thanks for posting your schematic. I had found your code on github a while back. Mostly, I read through it to see what was going on and then ported it over to the USCI hardware on the G2553. Are you reading from the 1302 and storing info on the EEPROM?
  10. Are we doing a group buy on the boards too? I'm in for 1 module for sure, possibly 2 if we're doing the boards.
  11. Counterfeit anything makes me a little nervous. You never know what you're plugging into your usb port anymore. But no ditch tossing from me. Comparing the Bus Pirate to the Salea knockoff, I'd still take the BP. The command-line access to devices is a huge plus.
  12. I don't know if anyone has really noticed, but the default MSP430 template for CCS v5.1 is lacking a few details. It didn't take much to track down the blank main.c file. In my case, it was located: \Texas Instruments\CCSv5\ccsv5\eclipse\plugins\com.ti.ccstudio.project.templates_5.1.0.201110281600\resources\empty Just edit the main.c file to include any needed information. Most importantly, add: #include
  13. A much cheaper, but limited alternative, yes. Not as many channels and a good bit slower for sure. It does work much faster in the binary modes using OLS and the command-line SPI sniffer.
  14. To start off, this is not a tutorial but more of a quick how-to. The 1st post will be about using your Bus Pirate to "sniff" SPI data on your MSP430. Mostly, I'm posting this because I've never found clear instructions or examples on doing this but it's been important in solving a lot of programming issues. The Bus Pirate is the handiest tool on my bench -it's tiny and has a lot of functionality. Bus Pirate http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/Bus_Pirate Hardware Connections Bus Pirate -> MSP430 CS -> UCBxSTE (or your CS pin) CLK ->UCBxCLK ( or your SPI clock pin) MISO ->
  15. See if this one works for you. Free scope, but the shipping to Australia is probably not worth it. http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2271
  16. Hey guys, I've got an older analog oscilloscope I'd like to get rid of. Hitachi V-202F 20MHz 2 Channel Includes 2 Tektronix Probes with Screw On Tips #013-0071-00 Includes short ground lead Some of the knobs need a bit of cleaning but everything is functional. Again, it's completely analog so there is no RS-232, USB or SD Card storage. Probably not much use anymore as a digital tool but could be used as a toy. This past x-mas I had a LP draw x-mas trees scrolling across the screen. Here's the kicker... It's FREE! You just have to pay the shipping which will most certainly be not
  17. Yeah it sure is. I'm using the C2000 for pump and fan controllers. Only very simple stuff but I've been learning tons about the C2000. So far the project involves quite a few MSP430F2274 (sensors), 2 MSP430F5529 (interface and central command) and 1 C2000 (primary motor controls).
  18. Yes, you can delete old projects after importing into CCS v5. Also, you'll need to update the compiler for each project to the latest version. Bring up the properties by right-click on the project. Select "Properties". In the window, click "General" in the left column. On the right side, there is a dropdown for "Compiler Version". Change it to TI v4.0.0. Although changing the version is not completely necessary, it will eliminate notices about using the old compiler and it is much faster.
  19. Glad to see a C2000 forum has started. I'll definitely post some questions about the 28069 I've been working with.
  20. Yes, completely separate installations. You'll want to create a new workspace in v5.1 and import your projects. It can be messy if you try to share a workspace.
  21. Yes, the LED on the SSR. I measured trigger current; 85ma at 12v, so there's plenty there. The trigger source was tried with a MSP430 and a standard el-cheapo PID controller. In the PID controller, I removed the relay and ran jumpers to the rear terminals to trigger the SSR. All the testing and frustrations... and now it's fixed... faulty GFCI outlet. So, after complaining to the supplier, I've got an extra SSR to use in another project. The GFCI was replaced and everything runs great. :oops: Thanks for the tip. I learned a good bit about SSRs this week.
  22. Datasheet is here: http://www.fotek.com.hk/solid/SSR-1.htm 12v DC is applied as the input. Standard 120v AC on output.
  23. Anyone have a good, valid method for testing an SSR? As far as I can tell, the SSR turns on as the LED is lit when engaged. However, using a simple light-bulb as the load, the AC never gets switched on. Trying to wrap-up a PID controlled egg-incubator and of course the last part to run the system is what has failed.
  24. Shoot, I'll trade ya the Cypress Board and the LPC board for an AIR Booster. That is of much more use to me. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.
  25. I have the version from February 2011. Does that work? @bluehash, here's a dropbox public link as the file is too big. Anyway we can move it here? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1709972/MSP430_LaunchPad_Workshop.zip
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