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  1. Boards arrived today and looking pretty good. Hopefully, I'll have one assembled this weekend but not sure if I'll get the time. The touch won't be connected for a few days anyhow as I totally missed adding the zif connectors on my last order. Seeed's Fusion PCB worked out so far for my first order. They sent 12 boards instead of 10 too. [attachment=1]lcd_2.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]lcd_1.png[/attachment] Send me a PM if you want a board. All I ask is you mail a S.A.S.E. to me and I'll tape it up and mail it out.
  2. Hi Tim, I'm pretty familiar with the EA lcds. I'm running the DOGS102 on the Fraunchpad with no issues. Can you post your full code so we can see what's going on? You shouldn't really need the TX interrupt in this case. Mostly likely, it's triggering and then getting stuck there. Where in the isr are you exiting LPM0?
  3. Oh man, my Dad used to take me fishing at Lake Texoma. We'll definitely need to head up that way this summer.
  4. I'd be in for the LED booster pack. Seems like a neat toy. We could do something fun with that. It's too bad Olimex's MSP430 RF JTAG isn't cheaper.
  5. Anyone else excitedly anticipating this board? The mini cc2500-g2553 board is what I'm most interested in. Good work, RobG!
  6. @CorB, I've done the same thing. I'm sticking with SimpliciTI and the opensource slaa325 libraries. Reasons: 1. Anaren firmware is extremely bloated. 2. Anaren firmware is extremely confusing. 3. ..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\Hal.h 4. They didn't need to re-invent the wheel. 5. Portability (you can't install the Anaren firmware on a Chronos so you can't communicate with it) 6. Poor release and documentation of usable software. But, I do have to say, I love the hardware. It's a great wireless development package for super cheap.
  7. Ha, already on it. Last week we were making our own collimators so we could see the fish in the pond. Diy lasers? Gotta check into that for sure.
  8. Yeah, there's no LPM3 on this thing. I had planned to one day go with a fuel injection system but really just lost interest in the car. My goal was to have a badA** street machine. Now I want to build something else but gotta sell this thing first. Up next... maybe a Monster Miata or a Supracharged 4Runner?
  9. I've been trying to sell this car for about 2 years now. Since the economy tanked and fuel is expensive nobody is interested in a 500+hp, big-block powered, 8mpg on the highway, no air conditioning, no radio, highway stomping, gas guzzling monster. Yes, that's right this is car is a beast. It's a manually shifted automatic so no sissies are allowed to drive it. ( yes, that means no clutch but you don't have a D either ). It will blow the doors off of a Z06 unless there is a turn on the race track. [attachment=3]369684_x640_01.jpg[/attachment] It's sitting at the Texas Toy Box to get more
  10. Dang, S.A. beat me to it... void UART_gets(char *str, unsigned int len); void UART_putc(unsigned char character); unsigned char UART_getc(void); void UART_gets(char *str, unsigned int len); void UART_puts(char *string); char stack[4]; /* * ======== main ======== */ void main(void) { Setup(); __enable_interrupt(); LPM0; } //Interrupts: #pragma vector=USCIAB0RX_VECTOR __interrupt void USCI0RX_ISR(void) { while (!(IFG2&UCA0TXIFG)); UART_gets(stack, 3); if(strcmp(stack,"aaa")){ UART_puts("match!\n"); } UART_puts(stack); UART_puts("\n\r"); } //Functions void Setup(v
  11. Yes, I have plans for a frame buffer. Unfortunately, it's not going to use internal RAM of the G2553. The G2553 is limited to 512B where the ATmega328P(arduino) has 2K. Markus' code uses a 1K frame buffer which won't work for this situation. My implementations on the F5529 and FR5739 already have a basic frame buffer. Using the frame buffer does speed things a bit but also makes for a better display. For example; drawing an outline around the display requires using columns 0 and 127 fully, and only 1 bit of each column on pages 0 and 7. Without a frame buffer, writing text to pages 0 or 7
  12. I don't think it would go flat rate. It's 20x13x10. @xtjacob, that sounds good with me. He would probably be headed down 35 into Austin from Dallas. I can meet him at exit #253 or #254 on the southbound side of the highway.
  13. Haha, yep. Magnifying glasses are still one of my favorite toys tools. Unfortunately, here in TX, we have burn bans all the time here so I don't really want her playing like that in the backyard. One little oops...
  14. Here's one more video. I'm sorting out some details on the graphics library and creating a few more fonts. Mostly numerals and not much text. The Tron Styled font in the video is 32x32. I might create a 32x64 for a scrolling text (possibly twitter?) display. This is a simple, digital clock using the Tron numerals. Those are supposed to be light cycles "racing" and tic-tocking across the top. I'll blame my poor 8-bit graphics on the focus of the camera. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQBEuQHildw The ram of the G2553 is about topped out. It won't run calculations for using a thermi
  15. I use the 5031 for my humidity sensors. Usually, the sample speed is around 333us. You might consider moving over to the "power user" page. It will show you what each setting does and how your sample time is calculated.
  16. Excellent. My next few days will be a mashup. Yes, I plan to switch the receiver's input. Since it's just the font data for each page/column, I will know exactly the number of bytes transferred.
  17. The EEPROM I'm using is the 25aa320a. It functions great on USCI and no issues there, it works in 1 byte increments. The display is the OLED Booster Pack. I've configured it for USCI as well and works great, columns are 1 byte values as well. I guess I just need to test it because it does make logical sense.
  18. I'm pretty sure RobG has mentioned doing something like this before but I can't find the correct search phrase to find the info... I would like to use a EEPROM to store large font data. Knowing that the EEPROM has a HOLD pin, can I start the command process, place the EEPROM on hold, start up the display and then latch the data directly from the EEPROM to the display? What are the pros and cons of doing something like this?
  19. Sorry, I haven't tested the DHT22 yet. I used the SHT21 for a while but the software for the i2c interface was bulky. Made the transition to only using Honeywell HIH-5031 analog humidity sensors and haven't looked back.
  20. Just wanted to let you guys know that my daughter took 1st place for the 3rd grade at her school's science fair. She's going to the regional event on March 29th. We're pretty excited. Now she's pretty sure she wants to be rich and a scientist. haha Her project was (and this was totally her idea) to test magnifying glasses on solar panels to see if she could make more power. I taught her how to solder and use wikipedia. She did all of her wire stripping, soldering, data collecting and graphs. Together, we built 2 Solar FLED engines so she could have a working display. Unfortunately, her
  21. I believe that game (or something very similar) is already ported to the msp430. It's something else that's also included in the F5529 User Experience. TI calls it "Launchpad Defender". http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/MSPEXP430F5529UE/latest/index_FDS.html
  22. Glad this is working out for you. Along with the G2553, I've also tested it on the FR5739, F5529, and F2274. The image conversion software is based from the Image converter included with the F5529 User Experience. The included software only does 102x64 images though. I modified the java source and recompiled to allow for 96x16, 128x64, 128x128 and 160x128. [attachment=0]kanji1.jpg[/attachment] How about trying this? static const char kanji[] = { 0x80, // Image width in pixels 0x08, // Image height in rows (1 row = 8 pixels) 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00,
  23. Not sure what's going on. I created that project in v4 a while back. It's already imported and working in v5.1 for me but it was imported quite a while ago. Not sure if I changed anything to get it going. Give me a bit and I'll check on it. If needed, I'll re-upload the project files. EDIT: Ok, the files are cleaned and uploaded. I found where the issue was. Initially, when building the program, I had used the WDT and TX isr. Those were removed as the WDT wasn't needed and the UART tx was moved to a function instead of isr. In v4.2 it was ok to leave a function name in the box and just unc
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