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  1. That leaves me with: 5x RF2500 5x Launchpad Rev 1.4 (1 new in box) 1x SugarAddicts F5529 Board Rev 2.0 (still, by far, my favorite MSP430 Board) 2x Fraunchpads 1x Standalone Anaren Booster 1x Chronos And a handful of my own F2274 boards. Should be enough to get me by for a while. :-)
  2. Ok, I've spent a few days searching the web but can't really find the info I need... I want to connect to a VCP on my windows machine via SSH. This software http://www.javiervalcarce.eu/wiki/Access_to_serial_port_from_Internet works but only at 9600bps. The source is available, but to be honest, I'm not sure how to compile it. I have no knowledge of C#. The goal is to have a total of 3 SSH clients open. 1st) for using VI to edit files and compile using MSPGCC. 2nd) a 9600bps VCP connection to a Launchpad. 3rd) a 115200bps connection to my bus pirate. Parts 1 and 2 work, but not 3.
  3. Your quadcopter got me all excited about building a quad. I took a shortcut and ordered parts to build the Turnigy Mini Quad with a KK2.0 controller. The controller uses an AVR but I'll be adding a MSP430 or C2K for some autonomy. Keep up the good work!
  4. I can solder just fine now. Only having small issues with Pronation of my wrist but solding just fine. Send the stuff so I can to work on programming. :-)
  5. I'm a big fan of using "Extreme Power" Thick CA glue. It gives me strong joints with a decent workable drying time. When you're in a hurry, you can give is a spritz of "Zip Kicker" CA accelerator. It dries the CA glue in seconds. Zip Kicker is just a branded version of Naptha with a pump spray top. I'm pretty sure every heli I own has a glob of CA on it somewhere.
  6. First off, no, I'm not giving up on the MSP430. I just have way too much stuff and spending a lot more of my time on Stellaris stuff. With that Stellaris LP coming out and the C2000 LP already shipping, I need to clear out some inventory. Preferably, someone will make an offer to buy all of this stuff at once but I'm willing to piece it out too. Buyer pays shipping. MSP430-F5529 Dev Board v1.0 from SugarAddict Olimex MSP430-4619LCD MSP-EXP430F5529 Dev Board (with 1GB micro SD) MSP430FR5739 Fraunchpad with modified Anaren Air Booster Pack ez430-RF2500 kit (2 RF2500T with ez430 progra
  7. That's good with me, but I'm looking at a minimum of 3 weeks of doing absolutely nothing with my right arm. Something about drilling though my radius and attaching my bicep to the underside with a steel button pretty much means no soldering for a while. :cry:
  8. I doubt this helps but I've only found one way to use a Launchpad on my linux box. It works perfectly fine using msp430Andy's "Poor Man's Command Line" Software. http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2212&p=16426&hilit=msp430andy#p16426 Any LP that I install this on works great on the first try, no reset button or other tricks. Other UART communication programs always fail, as you guys already know. I used his software as a base for controlling a few functions of my CNC mill. The mill is controlled by LinuxCNC 2.5 which is built on Ubuntu 10.04. It's running headless in th
  9. What's the scoop on the this Booster? If you sent one, I never received it.
  10. Welllll.... it comes down to I ran out of money to play the corporate BS games. So the one with less money loses. The company couldn't prove at any point that I infringed on their patents (didn't), couldn't prove that any code was stolen (wasn't) and couldn't prove I disassembled any existing firmwares (really? I'm not that good, not even close). Yet, those were the claims. But because I had previous, hands-on, working knowledge of their equipment.... it goes on and on. Really, and truly, my programming and hardware design was completely different from anything they were building, designin
  11. Ha, unfortunately, no. They are usually from another country, usually one in specific, a nation in the southern part of Asia.
  12. Should be fixed. See this thread http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2876 as to why I pulled most of my code from here and around the web; github and TI's e2e.
  13. Lately, I've only been occasionally checking in to see the latest 43oh news. Seen that a few of the guys are leaving or taking breaks. I somewhat took a break for a few reasons. 1)The gardens needed a lot more work this year and didn't feel much like sitting inside at the desk. 2)I was pretty sick of getting emails a few times a week that basically read "I liked your project and thank you for your code, but I want the project to do XXXXX. Please rewrite and send to me." Usually, they weren't even that nice. :evil: 3)Managing a C&D while going through the patenting process. Sucks to be
  14. Thanks. In all fairness, I was about to post a F2274 standalone board based on using the op-amps for pH measurement. Using the LMP91200 dropped the parts count and made the design and software tons easier. The Android app is already ~75% complete.
  15. Boards are ordered. The layout is as simple as possible and intended to use with the G2553 and OLED Booster Pack. If using switches on the OLED Booster leave R2, R3, D2, and D3 open. Android app will be included for calibration, logging and display via bluetooth on uart. [attachment=0]Capture.JPG[/attachment]
  16. No prob. The CC2500 module weighs .72 grams.
  17. The on-chip op-amp could be easily used in an Inverting mode. TI has examples for the configuration.
  18. Your first post of the code had more of the ADC12 setup. You'll need those pieces of code to finish setting up the ADC. Are you using CCS v5? You should launch the TI resource explorer to see software examples for what you need. I checked and there are plenty. From CCS "View -> TI Resource Explorer" [attachment=0]4618.JPG[/attachment]
  19. Yes, the clock won't output if it's not operating. You'll need to start the conversion to see the clock. ADC12CTL0 |= ADC12ENC + ADC12SC;
  20. The boards are looking good! @RobG, this might sound like a silly question, but can you weigh the small G2553 board populated? That board is making me see a basic telemetry transponder on some of my toys.
  21. I'll get it all sorted out. I didn't think there was much interest so I let it die down. Now that there is, let's get it going.
  22. Oh yes, those iolite vaporizers are pretty sweet. Haven't tried one yet but the idea is cool. If all the bicycle, motorcycle and car crashes (amateur racing is dangerous and expensive) I've been in haven't killed me, I'm doubting a little smoke would have a chance at taking me out. :shifty:
  23. Thanks everyone for the support and good words. She's definitely on her way to being a scientist. Yesterday, she won 2nd place for 3rd grade girls at the regional science fair!! She was super excited about winning. I offered to take her out for a special treat and all she wanted was a cup of Dirt 'n' Worms from Freddy's Custard shop. haha! @kenemon, get her started building those nano-flakes!
  24. Yeah, the errors are very minor and still a very usable board. The amber backlights look pretty slick too. The red/green was more about "because I could". You're welcome for the shoutout. 43oh.com has been a huge help in any of my project developments. The brain icon was the first that I've made so it's been my test graphics for any lcd module I work with. It's becoming my trademark. haha
  25. So... the girls went shopping last night and left me to fly helis and goof off on a Friday night. I couldn't wait to assemble this board so here it is. [attachment=1]lcd_red.jpg[/attachment] It's working great so far but I've run into 2 issues. One is self-induced -when I made the package for the ZIF connector, I didn't set the soldering mask and stops properly so the mounting pads are covered in mask. Not a big deal to scrape off and mount the zif. The other issue is related to the datasheet/documentation... The pinout show individual paths for the 2 backlight leds. That is only the case
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