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  1. Yes, the mods were listed over on the 43oh site. I don't have the link available. It's setup for 8bit, 4 wire spi.
  2. I wouldn't mind sending it over. Maybe SA can figure it out. I can't get anything working on it at all; so not much of a time thing just frustrated. PM me with an address. www.gwdeveloper.net Sent from Tapatalk...
  3. @FnuGk, I updated the original post. The file is now attached.
  4. Thanks for sending out those displays. Powered one up last night with a MAX7221. Running it from a Bus Pirate right now with no issues. The logic shifter is getting setup to use the MAX7221 with the LP. I tested it early this morning with the LP and works intermittently; time for some capacitors to get rid of some noise.
  5. Are you guys trying to get this from AVnet or direct from Renesas? I recently scored another board directly from Renesas. Free overnight shipping, it came from DigiKey. This link shows the stock at all distributors. Use the big red button on this page to get a freebie. http://am.renesas.com/products/tools/introductory_evaluation_tools/renesas_demo_kits/yrdkrx62n/index.jsp
  6. It's really not that difficult once you get started with it. Yes, configuring all the included libraries and predefined symbols can be a bit frustrating but that fades. Hackaday had done a quick writeup on getting started with StellarisWare, http://hackaday.com/2012/10/14/using-stellarisware-with-the-launchpad/
  7. Yeah, a few of the digital peripherals are available on the 2 samtec connectors. Currently, in Eagle, I'm working on a Launchpad to Evalbot PCB. It will allow the Evalbot to accept a LP for extended IO or allow the use of booster packs. Decided to add an optional MSP430G2553 in 32QFP for a little more oomph. Communication will be available via I2C, SPI or UART.
  8. No other 'tricks' in the code but you can modify rgb_commands.c and .h to add other commands you might want to use. Maybe make it respond to a hello or give you a fortune.
  9. From the 43oh store. http://store.43oh.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=64&product_id=57
  10. Simple mod to the Evalbot to break out one of the samtec headers. SPI going to a CC2500 breakoutboard. I2C and UART waiting for ideas. This is all temporary, the next version is much nicer. Anyone else doing anything interesting with the 'bot?
  11. Yeah, the arm is doing much better. Still can't dig in the garden or lift anything heavy. Dr says that's 6 months to a year out. Yes, definitely still interested in the Wiznet. Haven't wanted to hound you about it. I just ordered another OLED booster from the store. Can you drop the Wiznet in the same package? I can solder now. :-)
  12. This isn't mine but it's a darn sweet project using the EK-LM4F232H5QD. http://code.google.com/p/stellaris-led-cube/
  13. It's a recent X-ray. I sort of had a crappy summer... detached my bicep from the radius. Had surgery to reattach it with holes, steel buttons and mesh. Yay, technology.
  14. If you've grabbed one or two of these Renesas kits, you'll want to get one of these... http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/technologies/development-tools/development-tool-hardware/Pages/3002283-RDK-ADDERBOARD.aspx?IM=0 I've got a small amount of experience on this kit from the contest in 2010. It's a good piece of hardware. Definitely recommend using the GnuRX tools. FreeRTOS runs great on it and has a lot of support.
  15. Driver and library for the OLED Booster Pack for use on the Stellaris Launchpad. It's a simple port from the USCI version I put together for the MSP430 Launchpad. This version does not include frame buffer support. Next version will have frame buffering for better control and animations. Button functions are not implemented but can be added to the buttons driver file. Maybe that will be in the next version too. BinaryClockHole.zip StellarPad_OLED.zip
  16. Ok, it's working with no issues. Let me clean it up and comment it properly. Sorry for the poor photo quality, it's late.
  17. My Stellaris Launchpads arrived yesterday. The OLED code is nearly wrapped up. Hoping to post it this weekend. edit: I plan on getting simpliciti running next for the cc2500. That may be a few weeks out though.
  18. Will the Stellaris LP support Stellarisware and the Stellaris Graphics Library? May not need much work to set up the StellarisLP.
  19. I'm with cde and Fred on this one... If you were hoping for $20K, you should have made it for the Arduino (ride some coat tails) and offered a MSP430 version later. If you're wanting to produce some good hardware and make a little (probably very little) money, then maybe best to self-produce and sell through 43oh's store. It really does overlap with TI's/Cymbets SEH kit but theirs has better/newer energy storage. Also, it is fully compatible with the Launchpad. Just needs a jumper cable from SEH's J5 to the LP. Seriously, $20K, for a Launchpad Booster Pack? Can I assume it will be
  20. Yeah, that evalbot gets into all my projects. Best dev board yet. Wish I could grab another at the $25 price from a while back. The Panavise is the 201 with the 'speed handle'. I'm tempted to grab the last LCD kit you have in stock...
  21. There are more accurate methods to calculate the temperature than what TI originally supplied... http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2474 http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2549
  22. I'm with Larsie on this one. I haven't installed or used energia but very familiar with Simpliciti. Simpliciti can be a bit bloated and a ram hog. What's the overhead for the energia library? It may not allow Simpliciti to run well or at all.
  23. Anyone else doing much with the Color LCD booster pack? I ported over most of the Adafruit graphics library. Still sorting out drawing a bitmap. It works in single color but nothing multicolor yet. I also want to make better "rounded rectangles" as well -this needs a better arc function. There was an incident with the display after wrapping a usb cable to it with a rubber band. Broke most of the solder joints on the ribbon cable. So, while repairing that, I also cut the traces for SCE on 1.2 and moved it to 1.0. You can just see the 26g wire making the connection at 1.0.
  24. @tingo, it's a 915MHz version. $15 plus shipping sound ok with you? @dkedr Sorry, I only have 1 FRAM board up for sale. 2 are left as part of a project. Make me an offer.
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