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  1. Ok, well finally got to actually test this and the above bin16ToUnpackedBCD function does not work either. It limits the display to < 1000. Send 999 and it shows 0999 as expected. Send 1000 or greater to it and it displays digit 0 and 3 only. so it looks like 1x0x. I'll run through it a bit more and see what I can come up with; I know you're busy. Using the MSP430 Assembly manual, I'm commenting your ASM code so I can better see what it is doing.
  2. Really, if you want to start at the beginning and learn all about msp430 registers, low power modes, timers, ADC, interrupts.... Go to http://mspsci.blogspot.com/2010/07/tutorial-01-getting-started.html. I still use that site. Tons of info for beginners and lots of stuff for people who forget little details too.
  3. I'd be interestd in both, actually. I like to use the 28pin because of the access to timers. Normally, I use the generic 28pin breakout boards that are purchased from eBay on the cheap.
  4. Personally, in this case, I would eliminate the Launchpad completely. The rf2500 has the F2274 which is much more powerful that anything on the LP. It has enough free GPIO for what you are doing plus it has the CC2500 on board. Search the forums for the CC2500 tutorial and that should get you started on the wireless communication.
  5. Yeah, if all you're looking for is a cut and paste solution, you'll need to look elsewhere. Willing to do some legwork? The examples are good jumping off points. They can't claim full copyright to hardware configuration, they just don't want you using the entire example code as your 'project'. I'm assuming it took hours to learn how to configure the hardware. That should be an expected part of any learning curve. Good luck with the Freescale. Their documentation is tough.
  6. No clue. PM with your address and I can get a quote.
  7. It's never that easy. You'll also have to change the pin configuration and the interrupt vector too. If you're looking at uart_echo.c, you can see that it is well commented. I'd recommend using the Stellaris PinMux Utility. Then you can see which peripheral you need and which pins to set up. The utility will show you all the hardware and even generate the setup code for the pins. Next, change the uart's interrupt vector to your specified uart channel.
  8. I like your BMP085 code. Originally, I only used it for collecting barometric pressure. I'm a bit of RC heli and quad junkie so I've been following along with all the different IMU projects. Right now, my primaries are all down for repairs; heli is thrashed from high speed maneuvers under low ceilings, the quad is awaiting 2 replacement ESCs as they got a little smokey for some reason.
  9. @aBUGSworstnightmare, are you going to do the rest of his homework too? You already wrote a rockin' API to get I2C started for most. I've made some mods to it to allow use on the evalbot too and currently working on making it use interrupts. I'm reading 22 bytes from a slave with no issues; but of course, the slave is set to transmit the number of bytes that the master requests.
  10. Have you bothered to look at the Stellarisware examples? UART is available on PA0/1, PB0/1, PC4/5, PC6/7, PD6/7, and PE4/5.
  11. Anyone seen the PongSat project? Has TI tested the MSP430 in space? Doubtful. Maybe we can organize a 43oh.com launch? Project Info: http://www.jpaerospace.com/pongsat/index.htm Project Guide: http://www.jpaerospace.com/pongsat/PongSGuide-n.PDF They're allowing RF projects too, as long as they are pre-approved.
  12. Ha. I'm only just now sitting down to test this so good timing! For what I'm doing, C will work fine as the project is not clock critical ATM.
  13. Hey RobG, I pulled this boosterpack out of my drawer to use as a readout on my tablesaw project. Sorting through the code, I'm a bit confused. It won't display numbers higher than 4096. Send it 4097, and it just rolls over to show 0001. So basically, it shows (My_Number - 4096) instead of the proper value. My knowledge of Assembly is limited but growing. Is there something in the ASM that would prevent numbers higher than 4096? Can you point me in the right direction to fix it up?
  14. I've been watching this thread for a bit. Considering me walking the line on this one. As an owner of two currently operating businesses, I see TI's point and need in raising their prices. Last year I raised my per irrigation zone rates and lost several customers, but only for a few months. They came back after realizing the service and finished products I offered were better than my competitors and my project turnover rates are faster too. So while I took a hit for a short time, revenue and customer satisfaction are higher. Yes, TI's rate increases bite but think about it... An alm
  15. What program did you install on the RF2500? That code seems as though it needs the rf2500 setup as a wireless uart. Search around the web. There are projects that have the correct configuration for what you're attempting, but that main.c you're using won't cut it.
  16. You guys sure they weren't prepping an April fool's joke that slipped a little early? It's almost too good to be true.
  17. @fred, if you'll pay for shipping, I'll send my kit to you. I only made a simple app to interface with my ipad and control the Stellaris LP's rgb led. Developing iOS apps is not something I'm really interested in right now so the kit is now sitting. The schema builder makes developing the embedded app pretty easy but I have to use the wife's Mac for working on iOS. Wedding season is kicking and she's too busy on her machine. Pm with your address so i can get a shipping quote if you're interested.
  18. Hello David, I'd be interested in buying a board or two when ready.
  19. I couldn't get this to run any faster on the Launchpad for some reason. Move it over to the F2274, FR5739 or F5529 and all the delays can be removed and run at full speed. At the time, I didn't need a faster sampling rate so didn't look much further into it. Sorry for any delayed responses on my part.
  20. I'd be interested in writing some stuff for it. Pretty sure I have enough rep but not as much as RobG. That's a hard working dude for sure. List: 1. RobG 2. GWDeveloper
  21. Simple and to the point, but you may want to consider denouncing the inputs. Search around the forums, we had a big discussion on denouncing rotary inputs. I believe RobG wrote some good code for it.
  22. Whoa! I wonder if that works for all java apps. Thanks for the tip.
  23. This is probably related to some java issues with Mtn Lion. With the latest java updates, my wife's photo upload software is f'ed. Our 10.6 MacBook Pro with an older version of java runs it fine.
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