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  1. I couldn't stay for the Stellaris part but the seminar was great. Learned a few things and made some good contacts. The AFE2xx series are interesting as well as the new LO92. They gave out codes at the class and they're going to email them. My MSP-EXP430F5529 is already ordered, for under $50.
  2. @Fe2o3Fish Thx, I assumed that's what they would do. I just knew I'd be so excited I wouldn't be able to hold off purchasing as soon as I got home. Here in Round Rock we like to keep it Mildly Unusual. @Bluehash Retail on just the dev board was $99.99. The Redpine wifi card was built in a limited quantity and only shipped to certain contestants. It's specific to the RDKRX62n. Not sure of the retail value but I'd guess it between $125-150. The board I have is relatively new ~1 month or so old. The original I had used for my project ended up with the Segger J-link failing completely.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to sell/trade off my Renesas YRDKRX62n. I got it as part of the Renesas RX Design contest. Programming that board was well above me. The trade I'm looking for is from my RX board to a TI MSP-EXP430F5529 with ez430-2500t. Or $100 cash. It includes headers for the Future Electronics board, 1 unpopulated daughterboard, 1 populated board (random test components plus 8 blue smd leds, 1x 74hc595 and 1x cd4021b), and the Redpine Wifi Module. I'm planning on buying the MSP-EXP430F5529 at the TI seminar tomorrow anyhow so cash would be better. EDIT: This board is gone. D
  4. Excellent! The Austin, TX seminar is only a few minutes away. Now I need to find someone to pick up my kid from school.
  5. P1.2 is Timer_A2.TA1 You might be interested in trying the Grace plugin for CCS to learn more about the GPIO. I used it to get the basics down of which pins do what. http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders/print/grace.html?DCMP=Grace&HQS=Other+EM+grace or just use the datasheet http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/msp430g2231.pdf page4 has the pinouts
  6. It's the same price as a new chrono but you get much better access to the hardware this way... http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders ... 8-915.html It's what was used to create the door security hack with a chronos.
  7. I found it on TI's site. Document slaa340a http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/litabsmultiplefilelist.tsp?literatureNumber=slaa340a Quoting TI: I can't seem to measure VLO with or without this library. So I'm not sure what's going on. Does anyone have tips on enabling/measuring VLO? ACLK will need to be set to an accurate VLO as I'd like my transmitter to run in the lowest power modes possible to extend battery life.
  8. I'm pretty sure my question has a very simple answer. I want to use the VLO_Library to set my ACLK... using TimerB. Currently it hangs at line 101 of VLO_Library.asm, where it tests the capture flag to skip the first signal. It appears that the VLO_Library.asm is configured to use TimerA. So my question is, in the .asm file, can I change all the registers referencing TimerA to TimerB and have it funtion properly? (I'm moderately lost in most assembly files) Thanks
  9. I have 2 on the way with new launchpads. Need to swap a few of the leds for other colors and... Network-able memory game?
  10. I'm hurrying. It may not make it for this month, but definitely next round. EDIT: Not going to make it this month but here's the basics for my idea... We raise chickens for eggs and meat on our backyard farm (http://www.roundrockfunnyfarm.com). Quail are coming in July. All are started from eggs hatching in our incubators. My project uses multiple ez430-rf2500t devices to build a wireless incubator and brood box monitoring system. There will be 3-4 end devices sending temperature, humidity, water levels and egg-turner position back to an access point with lcd. The info will be display
  11. gwdeveloper


    Most of my time has been spent learning C(again) and the structure of programming for these MCUs. Using CCS and Grace made the bring-up much quicker as the tools were easily installed and used. Yesterday, I managed to get RobG's lcd code running an ez430-rf2500t. Then with Grace, configured the SPI channels so I can now read registers from the CC2500 and display on the LCD.
  12. Hey, that works great! It was way easier to dig a little deeper in the old parts bin for a 164 than to decipher that code. It didn't import well at all.
  13. Has anyone seen this link? http://www.fatihinanc.com/msp430-cesitli/msp430-launchpad-ve-74hc595-lcd/
  14. You may want to take a look at the Wiring.h that has been converted to the Launchpad. It will give you some Arduino-like functions. I found it when looking for ways to interface an LCD. It uses the Timer Interrupt for delays, creates a setup() and loop() and gives you digitalRead/Write. http://groups.google.com/group/hive76-discussion/browse_thread/thread/e0f340ed29a2acad
  15. gwdeveloper


    I made sure both CCS and Grace were updated. It seems that this may just be showing off a misunderstanding of the Timers on my part. I guess I am using Block #0 to set the timer period and outputting PWM on Block #1. I tested this by also using Block #2 simultaneously to output to P2.4. Works great. So, I guess that I can't use the onboard LED while using the Timer to generate the PWM? Sorry that this has become off-topic.
  16. gwdeveloper


    I'm pretty sure (99.99%) that I have the registers set properly. This may be a Grace problem, but it won't let me use the Timer Capture/Control Block #0 with PWM output mode: 7 - PWM reset/set. It has a popup that states "Not Useful for TxCCR0 because EQUx = EQU0". I can apply the same settings needed to Block #1 and output on P2.3 with no issues.
  17. gwdeveloper


    Thanks. I changed my signature. Today, I managed to 'port' this same code over to the ez430-rf2500 -using Grace. However, I could not make it function with the onboard LEDs. Only using an LED on P2.3 which is connected to Timer_A3.TA1. To a newbie, can anyone explain why I couldn't use Timer_A3.TA0 on P1.1 to make it function the same way using the onboard LED?
  18. gwdeveloper


    Thanks for linking over to my project. Grace has worked out well for setting registers and interrupts.That seems to be the only generated code, you still need to program the interrupts and functions to make things happen. Interrupts are where I still struggle to grasp the concept but it has helped me along. Having the gui for setting it all is great versus going back and forth from the datasheets. gwdevprojects.blogspot.com
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