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  1. I haven't tested or compiled your code but after a quick scan, the only quick thing I can think of is rate-dependent hysteresis on your led flashing function. Is the flashing LED your only method of debugging the pressure changes? Are you watching the bmp_pres and first_pres variables in CCS? What is the value stored there? I've also noticed that your delays in several functions are 10x and some are .5x the original code. Which msp430 are you using?
  2. @@supamas The TX and RX ISR functions are both included in the main.c file. The grace file is just a configuration for the hardware. It directs the IV to iic_RX_isr() and iic_TX_isr(). Can you be more specific with the error you are getting?
  3. @@atiom you should be sending the control register and the MSB of the register you want to read: Pressure or Temperature. See functions bmp085_up() and bmp085_ut(). See the flowchart on page 15 of the datasheet. It steps you through exactly what should happen and what data you are sending to specific registers. What issues are you having with the code?
  4. Assembled my Clock Kit yesterday. Works pretty nicely except for the rightmost digit; it appears to be dead. The temperature sensor is reading about 5 degrees above the room temp.
  5. Made this yesterday; seems to work ok. energia/hardware/msp430/variants/rf2500t/pins_energia.h EDIT: 12-20-13 Updated pin connections. Also put this on github with pull request. /* ************************************************************************ * pins_energia.h * * Energia core files for MSP430 * Copyright (c) 2012 Robert Wessels. All right reserved. * * Contribution: Rei VILO * *********************************************************************** Derived from: pins_arduino.h - Pin definition functions for Arduino Part of Arduino -
  6. Very true. Work on a few projects with the help of a local fae, spend a little money on other products and its amazing what you'll get for free.
  7. The g2553 has 2 spi ports. I don't think it's possible to use any them absolutely simultaneously though. There will always be a minimal but countable cycle delay. Just figure out if it is faster to R/W to different ports or to just use different CS pins.
  8. That doesn't sound like you need to use any of the hardware interrupts. You'll be "interrupting" the program if you just use a if...then function. See option 2 from the above post...
  9. I've drilled a few smd boards with my mill, manually. Line it up with a joystick and run the z-axis down. Much faster and cheaper than stuffing a parts order from mouser or somewhere. I do this mostly for LEDs.
  10. LMAO! I knew it. I've gotten better at reading your code. Man, that's great!
  11. No energy drinks for this guy. I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night in over 20 years. Caffeine or stimulants and I'm ready to run a marathon. I need sedatives just slow down to think most days.
  12. LOL, no arguments here. That's what the community is here for, right? ...to confuse the heck out of each other sometimes. I'm still waiting for oPossum to show us how it's really done. :!!!:
  13. I've been using this from TI for all the msp430 series. Works pretty well. Just add itoa and ftoa functions and you're set. // tx function borrowed from TI's virtual_com_cmds.c void TXString( char* string, int length ) { int pointer; for( pointer = 0; pointer < length; pointer++) { volatile int i; UCA0TXBUF = string[pointer]; while (!(IFG2&UCA0TXIFG)); // USCI_A0 TX buffer ready? } } EDIT: fixed code tags. Post was from Tapatalk...
  14. This afternoon, I'm going to place an order through the 43oh store. There are two other boards I'm interested in too.
  15. Wow! Looks great! Get her started early in electronics. My daughter turned 10 a few weeks ago. She has ditched me and electronics for makeup and fashion.
  16. Man, I had to go back and look at the HaD comments after seeing this post. Your tank looks like a much better environment for your beta than any other I've seen in a store. They're acting like you built a sous vide rig for a daily beta snack. Ridiculous.
  17. I'm pretty sure you'll need to use a 2452, 2553 or a 20 pin equivalent to use the cap touch booster. Never seen it done on the 2231. Edit:
  18. gwdeveloper


    Anyone have an extra evalbot they would like to sell? I ripped the Ethernet port off of mine this morning; it's not pretty. :-(
  19. Yeah, most of my LPs have a single pin soldered in for 5v access.
  20. 1. Bluehash-----------------2--------------------US 2. Gwdeveloper-----------1---------------------US
  21. Ok, it's definitely on my end. I created a new project with your original code. Replacing the binaryToUnpackedBCD with bin16ToUnpackedBCD and it works great! Sorry for any trouble. Fail on my part for sure. I'll sort out my code. In my attempt to add a bit of abstraction, I screwed something up somewhere. Thanks for the help! EDIT: @roadrunner84, I'll test your function out after dropping the kiddo off at camp this morning. EDIT: @RobG, do you have any more of these PCBs? The store has been out for some time.
  22. I will do. Do you want to start a git for your software and let me fork it?
  23. I'm not super familiar with Energia or a 1.5 LP (all mine are 1.4) but doesn't he need to rotate the jumpers for the G2553? Yeah, what ^^^^ he said.
  24. Excellent! Glad to see it was me and not something wrong with the hardware. :-)
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