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  1. Electronics and certification aside, make sure you protect yourself legally too. Lawyer, indemnification... start an LLC or something.
  2. gwdeveloper

    ADC problems or code problems? Please help !

    You might consider switching to the HIH-5030 as it operates at 3.3v. I never had any luck with accurate readings using a HIH-4000 on the Launchpad.
  3. gwdeveloper

    Code Composer Studio v6 now officially released

    v6 is working pretty well for me. The beta was a bit clunky and the App Center never worked. After tracking down a proper libudev0 for Ubuntu 13.10 64bit, the release version is functioning quite well. A few years ago, TI gave me a full platinum license and it transferred over to v6 with no issues.
  4. gwdeveloper

    I2C acting weird MSP430G2553

    The MPR121 generates two interrupts, one for press and the 2nd for release. You'll need your code setup to handle both or it gets screwy. EDIT: Since you are using Energia. Maybe try the Arduino library for the MPR121? http://bildr.org/2011/05/mpr121_arduino/ Other links: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1254-mpr121-interrupt-question/ http://forum.43oh.com/topic/3587-mpr121-touch-sensor-and-i2c-wire-library/
  5. gwdeveloper

    Tooth brushing minder.

    Cool. Are you involving him in the project? Also, have you thought about adding a parental alert system? Something simple that sounds an alarm when, for example, said nephew is actually planking between the tub and sink with the toothbrush hanging idly from his mouth instead of brushing. Or maybe that's only my kid...
  6. gwdeveloper

    Your last beer

    @@wasson65 Super jealous. Worst part of moving from Austin to Indy = no good bbq. I miss Rudy's brisket.
  7. gwdeveloper

    Your last beer

    3 Floyds' Alpha King Best part of moving from Austin to Indianapolis = the beer in Indy rules.
  8. gwdeveloper

    SimpiciTI Tutorial for CC2500

    @@MarkusR 1a) Yes, SPI activation is done by the Simpliciti BSP. 1b) You have no connection for GDO0 or GDO2. Check: ./LP_2553/bsp_external/mrfi_board_defs.h There you will find the SPI init macro as well as the pin definitions.
  9. gwdeveloper

    Help me port energia to msp430f2274

    @chicken Perfect; that was the library I previously tried but no luck. You've solved the issue with the PxSEL. I'm going to download and try your pins_energia.h. Your pin numbering scheme was different than mine; I followed the same protocol as other boards with starting at 1 going counter clockwise to 18. Also a few extra defines were added for my own convenience. Did you get Fade working with your pins file? I bet we could wrap up this variant pretty quickly.
  10. gwdeveloper

    Help me port energia to msp430f2274

    Is it code you can post here? I'm interested in trying it out.
  11. gwdeveloper

    Help me port energia to msp430f2274

    @chicken No, I surely did not. That's where I was at with the RF2500 when I started having pc issues. From your last post, it seems that you have it working(?) I'll check it out over the weekend.
  12. gwdeveloper

    System76 Notebooks?

    Galago UltraPro arrived yesterday evening. Very nice machine. The display is bright and crisp. My only complaint is the trackpad is a bit touchy; never been too fond of them anyway so wireless mouse it is. Already up and running with CCS v6 too.
  13. gwdeveloper

    The Terminal - 43oh OLED Booster Pack

    @t0mpr1c3 Have you made progress on this?
  14. gwdeveloper

    System76 Notebooks?

    Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear. Didn't want the trouble removing windows and install linux anyhow. They seemed to offer the best package.
  15. gwdeveloper

    System76 Notebooks?

    Any of you guys have one of their computers? Or know somebody with one? After yesterday's smoky event, I'm in need of a new pc ASAP. Looking at the Galago Ultrapro.