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  1. With the exception of using "msp430.h", I could have sworn that those were the exact steps I was taking. But following your advice, the project is now working. Thanks.
  2. I have a couple of projects that I started working on in CCS using the ez430F2013, but I like to switch to using a G2452 on a Launchpad. I've changed the device from F2013 to G2452 in the project properties and changed the include directive in the source code, but I get several unresolved symbol errors for things like BCSCTL1, DCOCTL, WDTCTL, etc. whenever I build the project. In the project explorer, I see that lnk_msp430f2013.cmd is still listed instead of lnk_msp430g2452.cmd. Am I missing an extra step? In general, how does one go about moving a project from one MSP430 type to another? Is t
  3. redbeard

    Serial EEPROM

    I'm relatively new to MSP430, microcontrollers in general, and forum posting but I was wondering if you (or anyone) could provide some insight into why bit banging seemed to be the right approach? Is USI too slow for communicating with the EEPROM? Or is using it just overkill?
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