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  1. Is still the plan to have also an assembled version or only the PCB will be available? thanks
  2. I am also interested. Do we know what is the ballpark price? thanks
  3. Hi, are these available for purchase? I would be interested in getting one or two thanks -Andrea
  4. I did the test and substituted the bootimg.bin on the SD with the one from the audio connected framework and it works. The board is then recognized as a USB audio i/o device with audio processing. Note that the MSP430 will rebot the DSP regularly as I believe the msp430 is not receiving acks via the serial port.
  5. Cor, I am trying to do exactly the same thing. Is there any chance you can share your code for both the chronos and the anaren boosterpacks? That would be of enormous help. thanks -Andrea
  6. Any chance to get a $4.30 boosterpack? I just tried to get it yesterday but no luck ... thanks -Andrea
  7. From the documentation it is not clear if the JTAG has been disabled permanently or it is disabled from the bootimg.bin that it is loaded. Does anyone tried to load the connected audio framework to see if the DSP actually loads and boots? thanks
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