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  1. I definitely paid by Paypal yesterday to get this deal. Also I just tried again to go through the order and the Paypal is right there as an payment option.
  2. There is so far no documentation here http://www.ti.com/tool/ek-tm4c1294xl I wonder how ethernet works with low power - can this be completely powered from ethernet? - what is power draw just to keep the ethernet interface up? - can this sleep (completely) until packet with device mac address arrives?
  3. Unfortunately it is twice the preannounced $24.99 price which is also above VAT free EU import limit (22EUR) making it even more expensive. Considering this is really outdated 1st gen metawatch model, I'll pass on this one. For $25 it would be great, though.
  4. I guess this deal is about analog watches with real hands and two small oled displays right? They are currently shown as out of stock in TI estore. It is not by any chance about those digital ones with single 96x96 LCD (which are currently in stock)?
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