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  1. How can I put it in the trash? It goes to something around here. Now just which device did that come off of ? :?
  2. Okay, I've seemed to have caused a great deal of confusion. My thoughts were on working on the scheduling algorithm. So I could have something like cron but for a uC. I'm still interested in that but I must say that my thoughts of the overall system have gone in another direction. I know I need an RTC. I haven't quite decided on a 32k xtal or an external RTC chip. At the moment I'm going with the xtal. I'm not too worried about the accuracy as I can reset the time via the Linux system every once in a while to correct for drift. My concerns were for formats of the time storage to support co
  3. Zeke, thanks for the information/links. My wife and I are thinking about burying soaker hoses into parts of the garden. I'll have to take a look at the Evapotranspiration and other links you have. I hope to be building out the 'farm' soon (I still have to dig out the rocks the previous owner used to cover that section). I might also try to convince my wife to provide space for some blueberry bushes (they grow very well here in NJ). You bring up some good points with the sensors. On that point I may take the kiss method and turn the controller into a simple timer system and allow my central
  4. Hmm, I think you should consider upgrading to a Linux box, it has none of the restrictions and and fits nicely into a smaller space (yes, that's a joke).
  5. I need to roll my own scheduler, my wife want this thing to be able to stand alone in case there is a crash on the server. My test phase of the program will have the basic power, uart & soloenoid driver hardware and timers working (send an on & a time - run and turn off or maually turn off if given the command). At that point I'll work up the algorithm on the Linux server and then port it over to the micro-controller. I can write that in a number of languages (JS, Groovy, Perl, C, whatever) and get the logic working properly. The server will communicate via the terminal server or XBee
  6. I already have a set of thermostats that use the XBees so I'd like to use that existing interface on the server (my server is running Misterhouse). I do have a couple of ez430-RF2500s but I haven't started playing with them yet. Maybe I'll get a little time later for playing with them (too many things going on at once).
  7. I'm building a replacement sprinkler controller for an old unit which is difficult to use. My wife wants scheduling that the current unit doesn't support, every 4 days (for example). We've also seen drought conditions imposed (watering only on even day for even homes, etc.) so I need a decent algorithm that will still fit in the tiny space of a small micro-controller. For communication I'll be using a terminal server, then an XBee (multi-drop) and someday an Ethernet interface. Anyone have any pointers to code or white papers?
  8. Thanks, I'm not done yet! :-) I still have to add all the details and explain things. I learned a long time ago that notes were important (I still reference my college notes on various subjects). After I wrote the Linux book I found that I was often looking up material I wrote. I decided then I needed to put my notes online where I could easily find them (hmm, I've got to update Google to re-search my pages). Now what I really need is a good touch screen drawing program and a touch screen notes taking program (and of course a touchscreen bigger than my Android phone).
  9. I've started to put together my MSP430 notes page. It's no where near completed (technically it isn't published yet) but it does contain my working Makefile and a converted TI blink program for the F2012. I've commented out the TI code that doesn't work (the #pragma for example). I'll work on it as I get time. The program is decent to test out the compiled, the mspdebug (loading, running, step, etc.). It worked well on my Ubuntu client. On my server there is a problem with getting the USB stick recognized. I still have a lot of work to do on the page.
  10. I can't yet as I haven't found all the documentation for GCC and stuff like the interrupts (I suspect that it's on the associated web site). Are you using mspgcc4 or just mspgcc (do a msp-gcc -v and it will tell you). So far I've just been looking at the header files and doing searches on the internet. I'll have more, hopefully, soon.
  11. A lot of times it's not libraries but rather variable names or defines that are slightly different. I've been able to compile a few of the programs so far but I did have to change the method of defining the processor (I pass it in the Makefile) and a few definitions. What examples are you trying and what errors are you getting? BTW, I use nothing but Linux.
  12. But I only figured it out when I was forced to think it through enough to explain what was going on (typical). Then I was forced to prove my answers. I hate posting something and then getting asked the obvious question (did you do this or that). I can make enough of a fool of myself without the extra added effort.
  13. Thanks for the help! After fixing my path and installing zlib I'm now able to compile mspgcc4! I've also been able to compile a msp430 program. Yeah! :ugeek:
  14. Actually yes but it will not make much more sense. When configure is running the fails at gcc conftext.c. When I went digging further I found that gcc was actually i686-[c-gnu-gcc. So I dug into configure much further and found the exact details of the command line. Weird, when I compile helloworld.c from the command line it works yet if I compile conftest.c (copied out of configure) I get "exec: 78: : Permission denied". Dang, borked as/gas ... ARGH! Path problems, seems a :: got into my path and Bash interprets that as '.' . In the directory where mspgcc4 gets compiled is a 'as' script.
  15. The command is : buildgcc-4.4.5_gdb_7.2.sh Which in turn is: #!/bin/sh cd "$(dirname $0)"/.. set -eu sh do-binutils.sh "/opt/msp430-gcc-4.4.5" "2.21" "http://ftp.uni-kl.de" "build" sh do-gcc.sh "/opt/msp430-gcc-4.4.5" "4.4.5" "http://ftp.uni-kl.de" "build" "gcc-4.x" "4.3.1" "2.4.2" sh do-libc.sh "/opt/msp430-gcc-4.4.5" "build" "http://sourceforge.net/projects/mspgcc4/files/msp430-libc/msp430-libc-ti_20110213.tar.bz2" sh do-gdb.sh "/opt/msp430-gcc-4.4.5" "6.8-1" "http://ftp.uni-kl.de" "build" insight sh do-gdb.sh "/opt/msp430-gcc-4.4.5" "7.2" "http://ftp.uni-kl.de" "build" gdb sh
  16. Okay, I've attempted to recompiled mspgcc4 on my server and got this error: /opt/msp430-gcc-4.4.5/msp430/bin/as: unrecognized option '-Qy' I did a google search on the topic and didn't find a solution just that as doesn't support -Qy. The good news is that I have a working setup so I can start coding, I'm just not happy about the failed compile.
  17. I tend to ssh/telnet to my boxes so 'terminal' is a loose euphemism for access to shell/CLI. I do a lot of work with routers (Cisco/Juniper). I also use screen an awful lot. I'm doing this from memory but something to the effect that gcc can't compile an executable. There were two errors in the log, one was -V needed an option and the other was -Qy wasn't supported.
  18. Yes, I know it's several months later but I just installed the mspgcc4 compiler and I've test compiled a launchpad program. I hope to upload the program to one of the boards I have setup for this. I needed to deviate from the above descriptions to install mspgcc4 and compile the test program. My install on my Ubuntu 'desktop' went well but my server setup failed miserably. :?: jsolarski, you do know the gdb is a terminal program and pretty close to the CLI? Insight is the GUI based interface to gdb. Just one additional question, I have both the RF2500 and the ez430 stick.What are the
  19. linuxha

    Solar Power

    I'd say it's SPAM-links (worse that greasy sauasage ). While this is the off topic forum, this is just a link and no context so it's just SPAM-links.
  20. I found that the statement 'just one more compile' cools off anything in the bedroom! I have a computer room which is on th opposite side of the cools system in my home and it can get quite warm. Once thing to do is to use the power save functions on your computer with respect to the monitor. I've also dropped in CFLs to replace the regular bulbs, added a ceiling fan and moved much of my computing (home automation) over to plug computer (but not my development stuff). This helps some but I don't know if it's a solution for you.
  21. Interesting part is, they almost never see the meter. With this Itron meter, they just drive down the street and gather the readings over RF. You can see my "sensor" attachment in my blog post here. Just a piece of inner tube and an IR transistor and wire from an old ball mouse. A zero-dollar solution (until I added the junction block and its housing ). Thanks I've seen the reader driving but I've seen a few making the trip to the meter still. I was wondering where you got that black tube. Where do you get car tire tubes? I haven't seen one in decades. I have plenty of bi
  22. Some of the utility folks don't like seeing things attached to their meter so I'm avoiding that route. Welcome to post 9/11. I'll be adding this: Brultech Mono-200 I've got 200A service and the utility doesn't share the usage info on the web site. This way they can't complain and I get very accurate information. I did find this: Dr. Ed Cheung's power monitor It's an excellent article but I still need the frequency so I might as well look at the voltage too. Otherwise seems like a waste of the processor. :-D
  23. linuxha


    I just picked up a nice Sparkfun F1232 board and I intend to use it to monitor the power. My assumptions are that I can power it with a super cap (as backup), 120vac to 12vac to op amp (10:1) and measure that with the ADC (10b). I'll be using the 32k xtal and the usart at 9600. I'll also be counting the frequency. Does anyone have any example adc circuits? I've been having trouble finding anything on the ADC with veref. Thanks
  24. Well it's not the worst winter I can recall but it's here now. :-) I am hoping to get in a few miles on my bicycle this weekend. I haven't been out since early December and I need some miles. My first question is where can I find the information on what the max external vref is for the 1223? It looks like it's a value no greater than Vcc. I guess that mean 120vAC to 12vAC (power supply/transformer) to an OpAmp (10:1). I guess I should post this part in one of the forums. I've not done a lot of analog. Thanks
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