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    PenguinInfinity reacted to GeekDoc in TI Back to School Promotion   
    @@PenguinInfinity : This is definitely old stock; I believe the model is discontinued in favor of the full digital version(s).  It's actually pretty hard to find info/software/support on the analog+digital version.
    Let's hope all the batteries haven't gone bad!
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    PenguinInfinity reacted to BRey in TI Back to School Promotion   
    @@PenguinInfinity  Yes, it is old stock and discontinued. My manufactured date is 2011. Metawatch calls this and the AU2000(digital) models Gen1. Current models are Gen2. Someone in a forum post said he was able to run Gen2 software on an AU2000, but I doubt this will work on the Analog/Digital.  
    @@tezet  The license is Code Composer Studio IDE - Node Locked Single User (N01D) with 1 year of updates.  IE. no restrictions. This will come in handy for developing on the new Launchpad.
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    PenguinInfinity reacted to RobG in 5110 LCD Footprint   
    How about this one?
    It's based on the display I have, NOT tested in production yet, so someone has to double check it.
    Rectangular cut outs are on layer #45 Holes (enable layer to see them,) but since services like Seeed do not do them, you may have to place three or four 3/64" drill holes.
    LPH7366-7 datasheet
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