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    I fix it!!! one of the functions works (at list the simulation), for the other one i will have to change the state machine, I took that part of the code from other file and instead of making me the things easier it turn the code a mess. I'll give it a shot in a couple of days ( I've had enough for today), the thing is that if i try to implement other functions it will be getting worst and worst... So my choices are: to use the same structure with the state machine, starting from scratch with my own code(the hard way, it will take a while) or use the TI I2C library(the easy way) thank yo
  2. juani_c

    well, i said that it would be some stupid mistake, thats what i get for copy and paste, thanks bluehash!! now i'm getting another error, but i think this one will be on my own...
  3. juani_c

    :oops: i uploaded a different file, thats why i wasn tmp175.rar
  4. juani_c

    thanks for the reply!!! i'm not sure if i understand you rigth but the file that throws me un error when i try to compile it is the main.c
  5. juani_c

    i am using IAR an the code is from parts of other codes. It has a lot of comments to make it easier to understand. the problem came up when i put this line; void tmp175_Config(Address, Config_Register, 0xE1); I know that i migth be making some silly mistake with the definitions, the variables types or something like that, but well i can not see it... :oops: by the way, this "library" is faaaaaaarrrrr from finished, and i dont TMP175.rar
  6. juani_c

    Well, i am trying to make a library for the tmp175 temp sensor, (by the way i don`t have much idea about what i
  7. Just an aclaration; when the book says 0.7VCC, I think that means the 70% of Vcc, that is above 2.3V for HIGH, anyway it seems not to be a problem as you said that when powering the sensor with 5V you get almost 3V. I'm sorry if i'm being reiterative, I don't want to confuse anyone.
  8. According to John H. Davies' book MSP430 Microcontroller Basics "The precise input voltages Vin that correspond to logical 0 and 1 depend on the technology but typical values for CMOS are
  9. Maybe a dumb suggestion, but aren`t you using the "+" in the third line instead of th "|", I might be wrong but I don
  10. well....this is kind of embarrasing.bear with me... I'm learning... :roll: I have done some projects in IAR before but i'm not used to work with libraries, although i will start using them, they seem to be pretty handy. The problem was in the 7th step. I thought that with the "include" at the beginning was enough, now is working!!! I only make a little test of the soft, I'm looking forward to try it in hardware (I happen to have the TLV ) but this will have to wait, I ave an exam on thursday!!! Once again thanks for all the help
  11. There is an error for each of the functions; "Undefined external "tlv_updateMode"....".I have the example code and the two source files in the same directory. Am i missing something?
  12. has anyone tried it on IAR? I'm having some troubles when I compile it :oops:
  13. talking about Art and MSP430...have you seen this one?: http://petrinis.se/blog/swarm-light/
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