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  1. yes, that's due to a crappy potentiometer and a lightweight pendulum, in this kind of setups the device used to mesure the angle is usually some sort of optical encoder or something like that in order to avoid any kind of friction. Unfortunately I don't have such a device and I thought about making one but the potentiometer was a faster option.
  2. My project is an inverted pendulum. The pendulum is a kind of excuse; I wanted to make something to show a library I
  3. My project is an inverted pendulum. The pendulum is a kind of excuse; I wanted to make something to show a library I inverted pendulum.zip
  4. Having this in mind I did a little search and found this; "Efficient Multiplication and Division Using MSP430"-> http://focus.ti.com/lit/an/slaa329/slaa329.pdf There is a table on page 7 showing the results from using different methods and there is a big improvement using those described in the app note.
  5. I would like to make it as fast as possible. I'll try to find that book. Thanks!
  6. suppose I have to calcule this; y=(((x2-x1)+(x3-x1))/3)+x1; and I want to know how to break it down in order to have the best code in C. Does anyone know of any good resources for learning how to optimize this kind of tasks?
  7. Some places (like Seeedstudio or Iteadstudio) have quite low international shipping rates
  8. Me too!!! nowadays currency conversion isn't that good for me. Perhaps in a while...
  9. I've just seen a mail about TI buying National Semiconductor. I thought it was another (late) April Fools joke but apparently it's true; http://www.ti.com/ww/en/acquire/index.shtml
  10. I use this one; http://zparts.sourceforge.net/index.php
  11. I think is the one on page 339, wich has the port and timer configurations.
  12. In "MSP430 Microcontrollers Basics" on page 341 there is an example code with a similar approach for a LED driven with an exponential ramp using PWM.
  13. Could this device be used to debug MSP430 using BSL? Something like this; http://www.flyingcampdesign.com/msp430- ... ammer.html
  14. I found these boards and thought that maybe is one those but I really can't tell. I made a search in TI's e-Shop and there is nothing similar to a Smart metering board. Kind of a mistery.... Is something like Gift horse actually. The complete phrase is; A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes. I found a very similar phrase in English; Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  15. I couldn't find any information about the Smart Metering Board (sorry for that zeke!), and for the module these are the links that TI sent in the mail; http://radiocrafts.com/index.php?sideID=429&ledd1=330 ---> RC1180-MBUS (Wireless M-Bus) http://radiocrafts.com/index.php?sideID=243&ledd1=33 ----> RC2400HP (ZigBee) The lack of information is a real shame but like we say here: A caballo regalado....
  16. Talking about RF( and cheap/free RF) this came with TI's RF newsletter, perhaps you have already seen it, anyway; "Radiocrafts offers free RF module plug-in boards to the TI Smart Metering Board RC2400HP As a partnering company with Texas Instruments, Radiocrafts offers free RF module plug-in boards to the TI Smart Metering Board, providing users with a quick and easy access to wireless metering. The plug-in board can be delivered with Radiocrafts
  17. that's good to know. I've seen that most o this kind of service asks you for GERBER files and I don't really know how to make those and, what it's more important, how to make them right. INternational shipping is only 5U$S so I might try them in the future
  18. I don't use CCS i use IAR and that IDE doesn't accept that kind of binary notation in C. It seems that is the same with others compilers, see this; http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontroll ... 60157.aspx
  19. I don't if anybody know about the PCB service that seeestudio has, well there is another place called itead studio that has the same service but is cheaper, 12 U$S for 5x5cm boards and shipping is quite cheap if you don't mind waiting. You can order max. 10 boards and the minimum is 3 boards but as you are paying anyway the 12 U$S you should order 10. I haven't used the service but i've heard good things about it.
  20. Mines said that too and they charged me anyway. I will be more careful next time. P/S: the bill is from FeDex but the delivery was made by DHL
  21. That's rigth. I had to pay 50% of the value (in Argentina) due to custom taxes. I thougth that maybe I would not have to pay since i'm not "actually paying" but the bill was inside the package and they considered as a purchase.
  22. Thanks I'll check out those books.
  23. I'm studying bioengineering and i really like those projects that involve biomedical data acquisition and processing. I want be able to implement it but it would be intersting to see how it is done.
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