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  1. It seems to be the new " New eZFET (on-board emulation)" used also in the MSP-EXP430FR5969 Wolverine
  2. Saw it in EEVblog forum, anyone know something or if it is MSP related?
  3. I have a doubt about the INA219 resolution. The bus voltage measurement has two full-scale ranges: 16V or 32V, but for what i understand from the datasheet the resolution is allways 4mV. This makes sense with the 16V range because it has a 12 bit adc, so 16/4096=0.0039 V The 32 range should have twice that resolution, wright?
  4. Mate amargo or mate with sugar and coffee.
  5. something like this perhaps; http://www.t4f.org/projects/business-card
  6. Elekfreak also has free colors and similar service; http://www.elecfreaks.com/3268.html'>http://www.elecfreaks.com/3268.html
  7. Download Processing (http://processing.org/) and run zombie.pde. You'll have to put that file into a folder an add there the zombie's gifs and the .vlw file. That's it.
  8. Stellaris LaunchPad Revealed (English)!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpnUvwt2 ... ture=g-u-u
  9. this other board even has the Arduino headers;
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teZyF1IDtCM Not much info yet, just the price; a $4.99 kit. :clap: EDIT1: Found an LCD boosterpack for this board http://www.kentecdisplay.com/uploads/so ... ide_03.pdf EDIT2: by the name of the boosterpack It looks like there will be one of the LM4F120 Series http://www.ti.com/mcu/docs/mculuminaryf ... mostrecent
  11. juani_c

    FM radio

    Thanks! the main reason for all that writing is just to have an excuse to write in English and practise my grammar/spelling/vocabulary etc. I haven't heard about that site, i will check it out. Is it reliable? Thanks.
  12. juani_c

    FM radio

    I've started to build a simple FM radio. It is based in a small module with a TEA5767. The code it's pretty basic for now, I'm just sending a fix frequency as part of the initial tests. #include #include "USI_I2CMaster.h" int StatusCallback(unsigned char c) { return TI_USI_EXIT_LPM; // Exit active for next transfer } void main( void ) { // Stop watchdog timer to prevent time out reset WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_16MHZ; // Set range DCOCTL = CALDCO_16MHZ; // SMCLK = DCO = 1MHz /* Initialize USI module, clock ~ SMCLK/128 */ TI_USI_I2C_MasterInit(USIDIV_7+USISSEL_2+USIC
  13. thanks bluehash! I'll try to do that. As a "test" I wanted to buy something cheap to see how things go with shipping times, custom, taxes, etc. and I bought this ultrasonic module, almost 10 times cheaper than the local option. I couldn't resist. I'll tell how things go when it gets here.
  14. Hi guys! I've seen that a lot of you buy stuff on ebay, there are really good prices there (we have a local version here but it's not that great). I was looking around the electronics section and there are a lot of nice and cheap ICs, maybe too cheap... :eh: I'm concerned about losing my money buying a bunch of counterfeit parts. So, have you got any advice or some tips in order to avoid this kind of issues? should I buy semiconductors there? And in case you ask me; why ebay instead of digikey, arrow, etc...? It's only because it has much cheaper (or even free!) shipping costs. thanks!
  15. I was one of the lucky ones, a few minutes before ending I got a coupon .
  16. I just want to thanks 43oh for sponsoring Dangerous Prototypes' Open 7400 Logic Competition. I submitted a project and get a third place. In this oportunity DP let winners choose their own prizes, luckily 43oh was one of the sponsors and an EZ430-RF2500 was among the prizes. I didn't think it twice... I'm reeeaaallly happy with this. For a while I've been wanting to play around with RF and now I can! So, again, THANKS 43OH!!! :clap:
  17. juani_c


    Has anyone seen this:MSP430ware? It has a bunch of functions for the msp peripherals (Not sure if this is the right place to post it)
  18. I saw this a while ago. It's a real "kit"? I thought it was just the parts
  19. Perhaps a simpler-smaller Launchpad?, without the debugging interface (just the TUSB3410 for serial com) and a 3.3v LDO? I was working in something that looks like that. Fewer parts, making it easier to solder, and all of them available through Texas samples program so no need to unsolder.
  20. juani_c


    some thougths; when I saw the first logos a voice in my head said "lottery!!" (it actually said QUINI 6, but thats how is called it here) then I saw the logos at the bottom and there was the voice again: "casino!!" i migth have a game problem...
  21. That's right, you need to have the same "electrical reference" in both circuits, you do that sharing grounds.
  22. ups! sorry, i can't help you with that
  23. You can use JTAG for programming or in some of them Spy by Wire. There is table in a TI document that shows all the different families and the supported programming interfaces.(I'll try to find it...) Some of the devices from the new msp430G line also have BSL, I want to program a MSP430G2553 using a TUSB3410 usb-rs232 converter and in a future make a small board, something like a...
  24. I thought it was for an electric-related issue. maybe electrons don't know how to turn sharp corners... Here it is an explanation I've found(it comes from TI)->http://focus.ti.com/lit/an/slod006b/slod006b.pdf look at " Trace Reflections"
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