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  1. Last weekend with our 100 degree weather, I was sure wishing I was up there! Welcome to the forum... Regards from Tucson, Doug
  2. When will the MIDI booster pack be available?
  3. Two seems to be the magic number, so count me in for two as well! 1. Bluehash---------------2 2. JdownJ-----------------2 3. SugarAddict-----------2 4. luke--------------------2 5. OppaErich-------------2 6. Dougster---------------2
  4. How do I buy one of these booster packs?
  5. Hopefully I'll get this posted before my account gets disabled again! Death to spammers! :evil: Anyway, my name is Doug, I've got the RF2500 kit, having a bit of fun trying to make a wireless MIDI network for my synths. I'm also hoping get a 430 working on a CAN bus talking to some other devices...
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