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  1. Howdy! I can sympathize with you on the LaunchPad shipping...mine took a while to get to me and the DHL tracking really has nothing to do with when you will get them...just hang in there! I also ordered a PiccoloCONTROLSTICK... only took two days to get that! ZeroSkillz
  2. Again, thanks for all the input guys (and/or Gals! I'm sure there are girls on the interweb, no matter what everyone says!) Using a shunt IS an option but one that for some reason I'm dead set against...LOL I KNOW it will work, but it doesn't play nice with my plans... I'm eventually planning on MASS production (Just for MY application I'll need 30 of these puppies! With plans of SELLING more, HUNDREDS more.) and I really want a FOOLPROOF way to do this... Adding to the connectors is an option as well, but these connectors aren't cheap. I would need 2 connectors to "splice in" for each de
  3. I'm a total n00b, and from what I have seen, there are a lot of us here so I figured I'd share what I've been learning and maybe help some others along the way! While running demos and looking at the code that makes them tick you will come across things like this: P1OUT |= BIT6 P1OUT &= ~BIT6 And to a n00b this looks like gibberish! Lets break it down and learn! - as taught to me by my mentor & friend Sven (Thanks bub!). There are three basic functions in play here AND; OR and NOT. Lets start with NOT. 1101 1010 <- binary representation of a byte (8bits) What NO
  4. Thanks for all the input guys! @RobG - The cables are probably about 6 feet long 2 gauge with heavy connectors on the ends: http://www.allbatterysalesandservice.co ... 4,644.html As I said in the OP, I've been looking at sensors such as these: http://www.semiconductorstore.com/cart/ ... HAL401SF-A (Here's a selection guide for Micronas) http://www.semiconductorstore.com/pdf/n ... G_2010.pdf Allegro: http://www.allegromicro.com/en/Products ... s/Sensors/
  5. @bluehash I would prefer a totally non-invasive way. My goal is to eventually have a device that can be marketed as a "Just clip it on and let it go" device. But thanks for the input! ZeroSkillz
  6. Sheesh, I typed up a nice description of what my plans are and before I could submit it I got booted....SO... Condensed version: Yes DOC, it's a closed circuit. 36V battery on an industrial charger. I want a sensor to let me know: Is it charging? Yes or No. and build on it from there. Thanks again! ZeroSkillz
  7. I need a way to sense DC current (up to 200A). I don't need to actually "measure" it, so accuracy is not important. I just want to know if it's there or not. The ability to do this is critical to the project I'm working on. I've been checking out Hall effect ic's from Allegro, Micronas (and others) and they seem like they're what I'm looking for. Have any of you done anything similar or used these hall effect ic's? Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks in advance, ZeroSkillz
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm sure to be asking a lot of questions in the near future!
  9. @michaelwei I got my ControlSTICK working and was able to run some of the demo programs in CCS. Anyone else having trouble, just follow the ControlSTICK Examples Overview (found in the ControlSUITE)...worked for me! Wondering why the original Piccolo ControlSTICK (XP only version) came with a USB Extension cable and jumpers while the newer version (XP/Vista/Win7) does not.... Still waiting for my LaunchPads...I feel like a kid at Christmas...Suppose I should learn some C/C++ while I'm waiting . It's true, I don't know C/C++. ZeroSkillz
  10. Ordered my LaunchPads (3) and Piccolo Control Stick - still waiting on the LaunchPads. I'm a Noob, yes it's true! But I've got some ideas for ways to improve my workplace and the Bang for the Buck factor of TI's product line was too great to resist. I'll have to learn this from the ground up so I hope to be around for a long time, learning and sharing. ZeroSkillz
  11. I'm totally new to all of this (n00b) but I had an idea to create something (industrial application) and a friend of mine (who knows what he's doing) told me to get a Dev. Kit and he'd help me out. I saw the LaunchPad and the Piccolo control stick and sent links to him and he said "Those would be PERFECT for what you want to do!" so I ordered 3 LaunchPads and one of these Piccolo control sticks! He was so impressed with the price/features that he placed the same order...which is good for me, since he'll be helping me a LOT (we live on opposite sides of the world so it's good that he'll have th
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