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  1. Hello Apr30, OK, I fully agree that the W5200 in QFN is not maker friendly, but the W5500 in QFP with 0.5mm pitch - is possible also for makers. I know that small "drawback" and I'm sorry we can not offer any wide body package. But, we offer the W5500 also in the WIZ550io bread-board friendly v.1.1 Module and many makers like RobG here offer Booster-Pack, Shields and plug-in modules.... I like RobG's Booster Pack : http://forum.43oh.com/topic/4490-ethernet-booster-pack-v3/ I think the 10min more longer soldering on the W5500 with the fine pitch QFP package contrast to +100h to +1000
  2. I'm from WIZnet Europe - but this is not intended as advertisement. Here I just like to make a short tech. comparison: W5500 | ENC28J60 | CS8900A --------------------------------------------- Temp at work: 40
  3. Hello Rob and Friends, WIZnet linked your "Ethernet Booster Pack" in the latest news here: http://www.wiznet.co.kr/Sub_Modules/en/ ... PK_NUM=109 I hope that is OK for you, but we really like your application. :thumbup: BR, Joachim W
  4. Thanks for designing the PCBs and work on MSP430 drivers. Regarding Server vs. Client, both is nearly the same, easy, with all WIZnet chips. Please take a look at our W5200 = W7200 App.-Notes and free source-Codes (Cortex M3) here: wiznet.co.kr -> Products -> W7200 -> Download -> W7200 Application Note Codes and Documents 27MByte Yes, stil a bit preliminary, but good for a start. More & other application demo like this and some more servers linked at other chips. Please comment on our demo-source-code as we like to improve the usability / portability as best as we can
  5. I like to add some information regarding the PCB design. On the PHY (inside W5200) the connection to the transformer (inside the RJ45 'MagJack') some critical signals exist and some features of the PHY makes life more easy. Most important is to have the signals the same length inside the RX signal pair and the TX signal pair, and hold this signals as close together as possible. You can see very good in RobG's new picture compared to the older one. Some advice: a) There is no polarity on the 100mbps PHY signals - means you can turn around the TX+ and TX- signals and also you can exch
  6. Hello Rob, very good. This PCB looks briliant. :thumbup: Nevertheless - the PHY signals are critical. I'm sure it will work, but maybe I can try an improvement on schematic and PCB layout. There are some small things that can be improved between W5200 and MagJack. Maybe you can send me your eagle lbr, sch and brd files -I'll send back my version and you decide. I'm actual working on an official WIZnet.lbr (all parts in one lbr) so I can also crosscheck your footprint. As this is my first posting here I like to introduce myselfe. I'm Joachim, WIZnet member & FAE in Europe an
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