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  1. Spirilis had an extra board from the original batch he sent me to try out. Here is a video review of it I made and an explanation of how to program it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHjFCnXXAoQ
  2. I finally had a few minutes to do this today... Could you check this again? Thanks, Matt (I rotated the 815 optocoupler at U1 - I was going by my misinterpretation of the datasheet rather than the dot on the board. That crap near J7 is just a piece of paper towel.)
  3. What is the purpose of U2 and U3 on the Launchpad (attached to the LEDs)? Part number SN74LVC2G07.
  4. Does that configuration look correct? (I haven't tried powering it up yet.) I also made a blog post to explain what I'm trying to do, in case anyone is curious.
  5. How would you get the phone company to give service for the device you made? I can just imagine calling up those folks and trying to explain how I hand soldered a GSM card to a circuit board and want to get on their wireless network..!
  6. I am ordering parts for Page 5 on your "Pictures of the boards Nov 2012.pdf": I assume the "gate resistor" on R3 is just a standard resistor, not some special kind... the part number you have is a duplicate of R1. Also what is R1 under the relay section? 680 ohm? In your schematic PDF, is it SW2 triac, SW3 SCR, and what is the difference between SW1 and SW4?
  7. Thanks! I was working on some timerA stuff this past weekend so now I have a better understanding of how it works. I should be able to get it working. I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. This is cool. Any ideas for projects using these that don't involve LEDs? Maybe some sort of radio transmitter integrated into one's clothes? Perhaps a shirt that senses the temperature of the skin and automatically warms you in places you are cold (like those electric socks you can buy, except it shuts off in certain areas when too warm)?
  9. Is this board going to be in the store soon? I'm not in a hurry - just wondering...
  10. I found a really good tutorial. Download the C2000 Teaching ROM... it is a bunch of pdfs from a university class.
  11. For the past couple days I have been trying to write a "TCP speed test" which is where my code sends TCP packets through the wiznet w5200 ethernet as fast as possible from a msp430 5-series chip to my unix server, so I can measure the performance of the msp430+wiznet, and also to help me find bugs in my code. So far I have just found a couple bugs in my code from this and am still working on it.
  12. I am interested in the "variety pack" with the TRIAC. This article I just read was pretty good to explain to me how dimmers work. I also came up with a Plan B for having it IP addressable, which is to use an FRAM Launchpad with the SimpleLink wifi module on the RF headers. I don't know how TI fits a wifi software stack in 16KB of memory but I guess I will find out when it arrives. Wifi actually makes more sense than Ethernet, and with this simplelink app I supposedly I can configure the wifi on the Wifi board from my phone. I could then connect to it through my home wifi network and co
  13. Well my plan is basically this: to have a power strip with an IP address. There are a lot of potential uses for it. I would like to be able to connect to my power strip over the internet and toggle things on and off remotely. Lights are a simple example (good for a youtube video demonstration), but I also have some old computers I need to sometimes powerup / reset remotely. Mainly though I am interested in learning - phase angle firing sounds cool to me (dunno, definitely sounds impressive - I have just started learning about TimerA as well. Looking at your diagram you are using P
  14. I ordered a sample fr5969 chip and they actually sent it to me for free. You can then put it in the eval board and use it.
  15. If one were to use a 23LC512 ... is it SOIC or TSSOP on your board?
  16. Are you still working on this board? I think it may do what I need. I am thinking about combining these three: 1) Spirilis Launchpad 2) Ethernet boosterpack 3) Your Boosterpack (or one similar) ...using "stackable headers" to mount the ethernet boosterpack on one side of the launchpad and your boosterpack on the other. The reason for using two different boosterpacks is that I want to be able to swap out the network side. For example, replacing ethernet with a wifi board (or perhaps bluetooth) in places in my house where I don't have wired ethernet. What I am doing is making inter
  17. Could you tell me the SRAM pinout? I assume it is a microchip SRAM? I don't think it would be needed for spirilis's Launchpad but I'm curious anyway. This below is for my own reference... (I see it is the same as your first board which I already have) Wiznet Pinout MOSI - 1.7 - G2553 UCB0SIMO MISO - 1.6 - G2553 UCB0SOMI SCLK - 1.5 - G2553 UCB0CLK SS - 1.0 - G2553 gpio INT - 1.3 - G2553 various or 2.7 - G2553 xtal out or *NC PWDN - 2.0 - G2553 gpio / timer or *GND RST - 2.6 - G2553 xtal in or *1.4 - G2553 various
  18. It is also easy to accidentally start thinking that you are doing multi-processing when using interrupts (i.e. the interrupt is running simultaneously alongside your main code). In fact there is just a single thread of execution that is jumping around.
  19. Okay I'll buy those things when your board appears in the store. Those headers have been suggested to me before, but it took until now before I actually understood what they were. I was under the impression that you stack them on top of the launchpad (like some sort of standoff) -- now I think I understand that you use them to go through the launchpad. On the TI Launchpad 1.5 I'd have to desolder the males to use them. One bad thing about the C2000 design is that if you set the board on a conductive surface by accident it could have some unintended consequences... (I think) Did you
  20. I haven't used that one. The Nordic nrf8001 is an easy to use one that doesn't require a software stack. Their development kit is expensive though. The hard part to me is the "master" end of the bluetooth connection, not the slave. TI has an open source bluetooth master library (I forget what it is called - one of their bluetooth stacks). However, I think the standard way of operation is that a computer or phone is the master, rather than another microcontroller being the master, which is what I was trying to do in my project. I wanted to have a higher-end MSP430 master controlling
  21. Cool. I have not been following the other forums since I have been involved in another project these past couple months. Now I'm back at doing this again though. I will use that board on my project and post more info on 43oh. I think it has enough memory.
  22. I see I am not the only one to experience the 'joys' of the UCS. :thumbup: Good clean coding style. I am going to attempt to port my wiznet DHCP client to your board. My code is too bloated to fit on the original MSP430 Launchpad. However, if I can get it working, people could use Rob's ethernet boosterpack with your board and have automatic IP address assignment via DHCP. I think that would be useful. I can post the code to a simple telnet server or webserver with DHCP support. Do you know if it is possible to have the pins sticking out on both side with your board like they do wi
  23. I have been trying to learn the Stellaris on and off for a couple months. I just can't get into the ARM architecture and the Peripheral library is just confusing to me. I do like the Launchpad design (the pins on both sides and onboard +5V for example), and the hardware specs seem great. It is just tough for me to learn how to use it and the C2000 has the same problem because there is no documentation for it. I am a hobbyist who does not have an electronics background, so this is especially hard for me to understand. I am really into programming, which is how I got into microcontrollers to
  24. I actually have a USB hub which I'm using. I'm just paranoid about damaging my custom built home PC. If it was just some crappy store brand PC I wouldn't care, but this one is mine!!
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