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  1. Hey Luke You're getting more attention on Hackaday! Way to go! http://hackaday.com/2015/09/15/hackaday-prize-semifinalist-a-full-stack-iot-platform/
  2. I love this project. I've got plenty of applications in mind for them. Put me down for 2 model A and 1 model B. I'll send you $55 as soon as I post this.
  3. Hi When can we expect Energia MT to support multithreading on other launchpads like CC3200 etc?
  4. Could you post your code as a learning tool for everyone here who is DMA deficient ?
  5. luke

    WS2812B Matrix

    @@luis (L.R.A.) can you post your complete code for WS2812 DMA Ping Pong please
  6. Hi Rei Could you please post the code changes needed? Thanks Luke
  7. @@Rei Vilo When can we expect LCD_screen suite to support the TivaC Connected TM4C129XL?
  8. I just received a bunch of wireless controlled floodlights from HomeDepot. Just search though HD's site with "Connected TCP" for product info. I got the starter kit with 2 A19 bulbs and a gateway plus I ordered 6 floods. They work great although I wouldn't really describe their light color as soft white. We'll see if I get used to it. The A19 bulbs however look really great. You can control them using iOS, android or any web browser. Doing some very preliminary research shows that the underlying tech is made by GreenWave Reality using NXP's JenNet-IP's IPv6 stack. All in all re
  9. Can we pre-order now based on an approx (or even unspecified) price? I imagine a new booter like this will be popular.
  10. My vision is getting worse as my components get smaller . I was hoping someone would recommend a good pair of dentist loupe glasses. The focal length is much better than the product above. I asked my dentist about his and as expected they were about $800. I've sen some online for $100-$200. I'd be willing to pay that if they work well. Anyone out there using them?
  11. I totally agree with spirilis I found myself in the same situation. After doing my research I found the OKI converter and also the R78E-3.3-0.5 from Recom. 6-28V in and 3.3V 500mA out. The OKI part is particularly nice because they don't need an output filter capacitor. If the DC input is clean they also don't need an input filter capacitor. $4 isn't cheap but you can't beat the simplicity or footprint.
  12. luke

    MSP430 Xmas

    Hi Rob I just started writing my own sequences for my tree. Your work looks great. Could you share your code? No need to package the code up nice, I'll take it in any condition.
  13. I ran into this problem the other day. According to this post you need to explicitly invoke the float version of the log() function, logf(). It worked fine for me http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=29818206
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