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    jh155 got a reaction from Hammerwang in PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code   
    I solved the problem by using a tri-state-buffer 74HC125 to cut off the connection of the SD-Card Clock and MOSI. The tri-state-buffer is driven by the SD-Card CS. It works great!
    Also I generate the Dog-M SPI-LCD CS by a NOT-operation of the SD-CS and I use the MISO Pin for the RS Signal. This gives me 2 more free pins on my LaunchPad-Data-Logger with SD-Card an LCD.
    Thanks for the share!
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    jh155 reacted to bluehash in PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code   
    Edit: July 6th, 2014
    Please also note that Pabigot maintains BSP430 which has an example for the msp430. He also tracks any changes done to the ElmChan library with patches made to the example. Refer this post.
    First version. It's very untidy as I just got it to work. Works on USCI on the MSP430G2553. Supports Read/Listing. The monitor code does not have write yet. It works on the SDCard Boosterpack.

    I also used Rickta's serial code to reduce file size. I'll update to the next version once I have time and a clean it up to. Also need to add more features.

    Usage in screenshot.
    di : disk initialize
    fi : mount disk
    fl : list files
    fo filename: open file name.

    Latest Code:
    http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1883&start=20#p18738'>Code Rev 0.2

    Member Contributed Code:
    Jazz_ys - http://forum.43oh.com/topic/1427-petitefs-fatfs-sdcard-usci-code/page__st__20#entry24449'>Link
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    jh155 reacted to Rickta59 in PetiteFS FATfs SDCard USCI code   
    I went ahead and tested the booster pack and added the write support in the attached zip file. You should take a look at the Petit FatFS documentation regarding the write limitations. PetiteFS only supports writing to preexisting files and you can't grow or shrink the size of the file.
    For the example code to work, create a file called 'write.txt' on your sdcard. The example writes 100 lines of quick brown fox type text to the file. At the command prompt type
    > di
    > fi
    > fl
    Make sure you can see the file 'WRITE.TXT' in the listing. To write to the file type:
    > fw
    To see if it worked type:
    > fo WRITE.TXT
    > ft
    You should see numbered lines of quick brown fox...
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