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  1. I solved the problem by using a tri-state-buffer 74HC125 to cut off the connection of the SD-Card Clock and MOSI. The tri-state-buffer is driven by the SD-Card CS. It works great! Also I generate the Dog-M SPI-LCD CS by a NOT-operation of the SD-CS and I use the MISO Pin for the RS Signal. This gives me 2 more free pins on my LaunchPad-Data-Logger with SD-Card an LCD. Thanks for the share! Greetings, Johannes
  2. Hi All, the SD-Code works well so far. Now I was about to add an SPI-LCD (DOG-M) to the same SPI-Bus of the SD-Card. LCD and SD are working well if used seperately - but not at the Same time! SD-Card gets write errors if a file is still openend for wrining. It seems to me, that the SD-Card remains CS_aktiv and witing for further data if the 512byte block has not been finished. And if the LCD jumps in and get's some Data the SD-Card gets mixed up even if the SD_CS is pulled up (deactiv) during LCD Data transmition. Maybe it might also be necessary to disable the clock at the sd-
  3. Appending data works. I just had a quick test. pf_lseek() needs at least to be set to the boundary of the last written sector ( x times of 512bytes). Outherwise it overwrites the sector with the latest written data. so far for now.
  4. The file size should be fine, I used "fsutil file createnew " under XP. I added some random characters. I might have an error in reasoning. I tryed adding pf_lseek(10) to prevent first 10 bytes(?) to be overwritten: printf("Writing 100 lines of text data\n"); res = pf_lseek(10); // Added Code do { ltoa(++n,Line); strcat(Line," The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890\r\n"); res = pf_write(Line, strlen(Line), &bw); Suggesting that my first 10 bytes will stay - but still it all was overwritten by the brown fox. How do I correctly move t
  5. I have just tested the latest Code (v0.02) with ccs5 and it worked perfect from the srcatch! :thumbup: Thank you very much for that! Great work, nice code, even for a beginner like me. :thumbup: I still have one Question: Is there an opportunity to append data to an existing file which contains already written data? I would like to use the LaunchPad as a data logger, saving my data (only some bytes each time) only every 15 minutes. The logger should work over some month. Therefor I would like to savely close the file after appending my data and waiting 14.9 minutes. Just in
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