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  1. embedXcode now supports Maple! embedXcode
  2. Compared to other embedded computing platforms, the MSP430 puts memory usage under heavy stress. What are the consequences of the programming style? I took a basic thermometer example with a moving average algorithm and played with different options. Thermometer_basic.zip Thermometer_function.zip Thermometer_class.zip Thermometer_library.zip
  3. I sincerely apologise for the previous publication. I scrapped the whole project, even I've duly mentioned the work from Messiers SugarAddict, oPossum and MikroElektronika on the ReadMe.txt file. From now on, I'll submit my code for review to the project manager energia, before it is released. By doing so, I hope to fully abide all
  4. Sorry for not mentioning the whole references in each files. They are mentioned in extenso with links and dates in the ReadMe.txt file:
  5. Great booster pack! Congratulations and thanks
  6. I ported the sketch to Energia, the Arduino 1.0-based IDE for the LaunchPad. Learn more at this thread :arrow: Thermometer with Nokia 7110 LCD on Energia. The code is available at the :arrow: Energia repository, under Energia / examples / 7.Display / Nokia7110_430. Feel free to participate!
  7. Please find an example featuring a thermometer displayed on the Nokia 7110 LCD for Energia. It uses the Nokia 7110 LCD nicely packed on a :arrow: LCD BoosterPack by SugarAddict. The library is based on the :arrow: code by oPossum (Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:29 pm). The internals come from the example AnalogInput_InternalThermometer_430 by Robert Wessels and Rei Vilo. To do
  8. Bonjour xv4y, You could use the standard Xcode project :arrow: mpideXcode with Xcode 3 and turn it into a template for Xcode 3. Apple has changed the format for the templates, making Xcode 3 and 4 incompatible. Actually, the main contribution brought by embedXcode resides on the :arrow: modular set of makefiles. I tested them with NetBeans and they worked just fine. There's no reason they shouldn't work with Xcode 3. Enjoy
  9. Thank for the accolade and let's continue the great job :thumbup:
  10. For OS X users looking for a more powerful IDE, why not to use Xcode? embedXcode is a Xcode 4 template for LaunchPad development. It relies on Energia for the framework and the libraries. It is based on a modular set of makefiles. embedXcode currently supports Arduino 0023 and 1.0, Wiring, chipKIT and LaunchPad platforms. Maple is on the pipes. Full website including features, installation guide and downloads available at :arrow: embedXcode.weebly.com. Enjoy
  11. Thank you for the kind invitation. I shared it on the issues section of the GitHub repository. Best regards,
  12. @cde Thank you for posting the links. I need more posts before being able to do so.
  13. Hello from France ! After one year playing with an Arduino Uno board, I went for a PIC32-based chipKIT UNO32. I've focused on I2C devices and developed a library suite for serial LCDs from 4D Systems. All those boards rely on a Processing-based IDE. The IDEs are fine, work as expected but are pretty limited for bigger projects involving libraries. So I designed embedXcode, a template for Xcode 4 for virtually any Processing-based boards. Wiring is implemented along with Arduino and chipKIT. Latest addition is support for LaunchPad, thanks to Energia, its Processing-based IDE.
  14. Hi, For Mac OS X users, because Energia is based on Processing, it is supported by the Xcode template embedXcode. Find documentation, installation guide and link to code at embedXcode.weebly.com As a just registered member, I can't post links. Sorry! Now I can Enjoy
  15. Develop your sketches for LaunchPad MSP430G2xxx and MSP30F5529, and Experimeter Board MSP430FR5739 using Xcode! Direct links:
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