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  1. Very nice! I've just changed the orientation of the Energia rocket because it may give the impression it's going to fall. A 60
  2. I know how difficult it is: I took gray as additional colour when I designed the original theme. I really like this new theme Congratulations :thumbup:
  3. This is really nice. Two questions, in the example provided:
  4. Generally speaking, here's the procedure to add a library to Energia: Define the folder for the sketchbook: menu Energia > Preferences > Sketchbook Location eg. ~/Documents/Energia or /users/name/Documents/Energia
  5. Hi! I've updated and posted a new version of the embedXcode template in sync with the Energ?a commit dated July 22, 2012. TimerSerial is now under the cores folder and no longer under the Libraries folder. As always, download is available :arrow: here with the Installation Guide and User Manual. Enjoy
  6. Hi! The touch_test sketch requires the Touch library available at :arrow: https://github.com/smeenka/Energia/tree ... ries/Touch Maybe you can find answers at
  7. Yes, please! I'm trying to develop a library for the Color LCD BoosterPack on Energia.
  8. embedXcode relies on the tool-chain packed within the Processing-based Wiring-derived IDEs, like Energia for the LaunchPad. So the question is where to find such an IDE for the STM32. Actually, embedXcode already supports the STM32 F103RB, featured on the :arrow: Maple board which uses the Processing-based Wiring-derived :arrow: Maple IDE.
  9. ...and a picture! The DHT22 sensor is at the bottom-right part of the proto-board. The LCD is a Nokia 5110 compatible. Temperature and humidity are displayed with a double-sized font.
  10. It works now! Thank you for your help! I posted the code for Energia :arrow: here.
  11. Finally, it works! Thank you for your help! I think it's time to consider buying an oscilloscope. :eh: Please find the library with a basic example attached: DHT22_430_main.zip
  12. Thank you for the solutions. I'll test them as soon as I can and keep you informed.
  13. New version 14 of embedXcode brings a significant improvement on the size of the HEX and BIN files over the embedXcode
  14. I performed a test with a basic blinking LED sketch (embed1 attached below) compiled by the different Processing-based Wiring-derived IDEs, with their default parameters. Here are the results: Good news, the LaunchPad delivers the more compact executable. As Rickta59 rightly points out, But the news is worth knowing it. embed1.zip
  15. I have the DHT22 and it runs fine with the Arduino but I lack an oscilloscope. My logic analyser doesn't feature adjustable trigger value, so I can't use it for 3.3V signals. Sorry, I can't help!
  16. Thank you for your help and for the precise measures! Problem is, I don't have an oscilloscope :roll: The LaunchPad has a place for the optional crystal. Does the quartz provide a better accuracy?
  17. Unfortunately, no I still need help from more experienced LaunchPad users...
  18. Please find a LaunchPad-only version of the sketch (attached). I've cleaned the code as much as I could, swiped out the float and added extra prints for debugging. I tried changing the value of the resistor. 10 k? is for 5 V, so I tried 4.7 for k? is for 3.3 V, to no avail. I suspect the sampling, and the millis() and micros() used. Any idea to make it work? Good luck! DHT22_430_main.zip
  19. Hi! How to make the LaunchPad read the DHT22 thermometer and relative humidity sensor? The one-wire protocol on the DHT22 seems tricky. Has someone succeeded in making it work? As I'm using the Energia IDE, I posted the sketch with full details at :arrow: Community Projects > Energia > Help! DHT22 Temp & RH% One-Wire Sensor on Energia. Thanks!
  20. SOLVED! Jump to library below Hi! I bought from Adafruit a DHT22 sensor that provides temperature and relative humidity. It uses a one-wire connection. DHT22_main.zip
  21. Please find the new release of embedXcode with the implementation of the self-documentation. embedXcode
  22. I'm working on the next release of :arrow: embedXcode. I plan to integrate a self-documenting feature. After having reviewed HeaderDoc, doxygen and appledoc, I picked doxygen. Integration with Xcode is the main challenge. The idea is to select a specific target to build the documentation, obtain a PDF and integrate a codeset Xcode could use. There's still a lot of work to do. Stay tuned
  23. This is a common issue I've been experimenting with all Processing-based IDEs, either Arduino, Wiring, chipKIT MPIDE, Maple IDE and Energia. Please refer to the thread Mac Arduino application launch time on the Arduino forum where the following causes are discussed: [*:35u7r0zu]
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