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  1. Search for Quectel MC60 Arduino library Porting an Arduino library to Energia
  2. FRAM is used just like RAM. See energia/msp430-lg-core#31
  3. The only change I made on the cc3200.ld was to modify the heap size. You can find more information at the §3 Linker Scripts of The GNU linker. Alternatively, Have a look at the linker scripts provided by CCS Post your question at the E2E forum, for example CC3200MODLAUNCHXL: How to handle the stack and CC3200MOD Bottom 16 KB SRAM usable?
  4. @juraPCEU Edit lines msp432e-core/cores/msp432e/ti/runtime/wiring/msp432e/wiring.c Line 105 in be5c1c2 and msp432e-core/cores/msp432e/ti/runtime/wiring/msp432e/wiring.c Line 111 in be5c1c2 and replace asm(" nop"); by __asm(" nop");.
  5. Have a look at SensorsWeather_Library
  6. The script is a text file located at ~/Library/Energia15/packages/energia/hardware/cc3200/1.0.3/cores/cc3200/cc3200.ld on macOS.
  7. Yes. However, the WiFi library has changed: use WiFiMKII instead of WiFi.
  8. You may need to compare the two generated C-arrays and check they are identical.
  9. I'm afraid not. You may need to edit the linker script manually.
  10. It depends on the version of the board, Rev. A or Rev. B. Please refer to http://www.ti.com/ and http://e2e.ti.com/ for more information.
  11. The Flash is external. Program and data must fit into the 256 kB RAM of the CC3200.
  12. Have you checked Porting an Arduino library to Energia
  13. Two answers: Netiquette for Newbies MSP432 Black suddenly gone from Energia
  14. If you want to use one single IDE for all the different boards, try Visual Micro (Windows only), embedXcode (macOS only), PlatformIO (Windows + macOS + Linux). All come as freemium: free for basic features; one-time-fee or subscription for more advanced features.
  15. No, it is not possible as the Energia IDE includes specific features to support the multi-treading of the MSP432. The black MSP432 is deprecated and no longer supported.
  16. Since all the code of the Energia SDK is open source, you can dive into the files to analyse the initialisation routine. Similarly, you can use a debugger to check the executable, the assembler and the registers.
  17. You're welcome. Don't forget to initialise the SD object with the correct PIN number for the SPI /CS signal. In my case, I'm using pin 10. pinMode(10, OUTPUT); if (!SD.begin(10)) { Serial.println("initialization failed!"); return; } Serial.println("initialization done.");
  18. The SD_TM4C library worked out of the box. Configuration: LaunchPad: MSP432P401R red Energia: 1.8.7E21 Boards package: Energia MSP432 EMT 5.23.1 SD card: Kingston 8 GB formatted in MS-DOS (FAT32).
  19. Which board are you using? Have you had a look at the pins maps on the Energia website? On the MSP430G2553, the I²C port has migrated from pins 14/15 to pins 9/10.
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