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  1. Forget the Arduino IDE! I would recommend using Visual Studio Code with the C/C++, Arduino and Cortex-Debug extensions.

    The Raspberry Pi Pico acting as programmer-debugger is called Picoprobe. It also features redirection of the Serial1 port.

    The installation process is detailed at the earlephilhower/arduino-pico page. You may need to build OpenOCD with specific options. It is easy and works fine.

    Debugging is performed from Visual Studio Code. Obviously, you can use manual command-line GDB and OpenOCD. The only caveat is Serial1 should be used instead of Serial to print to the console.

    Please find some pointers below.



  2. Thank you for the pointer to the Challenger RP2040. It is nice to see the designers refrained from reinventing the wheel and took the Feather form-factor. Same for the LTE (SARA-R410M) or the WiFi radio (ESP8265).

    The Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 is a very good board and I strongly recommend the Earle Philower's Pico core for Arduino over the official Arduino mbed-based implementation.

    There is a whole eco-system built around the Raspberry Pi Pico with many interesting kits. Let's me mention the E-Paper Display Pico Kit (EPDK), an all-in-one e-paper kit from Pervasive Displays.


  3. I’ve migrated to Debian with Gnome desktop and I am using Visual Studio Code as IDE. As an additional bonus, all the technologies and tools I’ve developed for embedXcode run fine after minor adaptations.

    Some of the limitations I mentioned 4 years ago are still there but nothing critical. The new solution is fast and responsive, and I really enjoy the integrated debugger.

  4. Nice to see you back!

    I've terminated the embedXcode project (it is now under LTS). I'm switching away from Apple and transitioning to Debian.

    Many projects on IoT and displays, as usual, and starting to investigate AI with edge computing.

  5. When I started developing embedXcode in 2010 and decided to share it in 2012, I’ve never imagined that it would be still active so many years later.


    Because of the multiple challenges embedXcode faces today, the adventure is coming to an end.

    embedXcode does not plan to support macOS 11 Big Sur and Xcode 12 but will focus instead on long-term support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and Xcode 11.

    To replace embedXcode, I recommend

    I want to thank all the users who enjoyed embedXcode and supported the project by making donations and reporting issues, allowing to reach a high level of stability.

  6. Hi!

    How to prevent the 43oh forum from being flooded with spam?

    Since the activity is rather quiet, the spam posts seem more frequent.

    Worse, some spam posts I've reported earlier haven't been removed.

    Hence the question: Is the 43oh forum still administered?

    Thank you!

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