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  1. Rei Vilo

    How many PWM outputs can I obtain using the msp430g2553 chip?

    Please refer to the pins map and the data-sheet.
  2. Rei Vilo

    Using Energia with MSP432 custom boards

    You can use the programmer of the MSP432P401R LaunchPad to program your custom board through the 2x5 0.05" connector or the 10 0.1" pins, featuring JTAG and/or SWD signals. Please refer to the data-sheet of the MSP432P401R LaunchPad.
  3. Rei Vilo

    CC1312R1 Energia

    Not yet, stay tuned!
  4. Doesn't the LaunchPad w/ MSP432E EMT (120MHz) board appear under Energia MSP432E (32-bits) Boards as pictured below?
  5. Please open a ticket at https://github.com/energia/msp432e-core/issues. Thank you!
  6. Rei Vilo

    TMS320F28069 on energia

    Which release of Energia are you using? Energia 18 and later wouldn't work, so you'd need to try with Energia 17. Also see https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/796, https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/609 and https://github.com/energia/Energia/issues/764.
  7. Have you checked Porting an Arduino library to Energia and I²C Check-List? Two options: Dig into the Arduino library and try to adapt it to Energia, or Download the data-sheet of the TCS3471 sensor and develop your own library. I strongly recommend option 2. It is the best way to learn Energia and I²C. Using a logic analyser could be very helpful for debugging.
  8. Download Energia and explore its content. It comes with the GCC tool-chain for MSP430 and the upload and debug utilities.
  9. Rei Vilo

    Error using Energia - relocation truncated to fit

    Again, this is memory overflow. Try with another MCU with larger Flash and RAM. You need to dig into the data-sheets of the MCUs of the boards and compare the sizes of Flash and RAM memory.
  10. Rei Vilo

    Error using Energia - relocation truncated to fit

    This is memory overflow. Try with another MCU with larger Flash and RAM.
  11. Rei Vilo

    MSP430G2 no communication

    There are three different releases of the MSP430G2 LaunchPad. Please be more specific. See Information to Provide When Asking for Help http://energia.nu/pinmaps
  12. Rei Vilo

    MSP430FR2355 problem to connect with nRF24L01+

    How does this issue compare with pull requests added but not yet released at https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core/tree/master/libraries/SPI and https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core/tree/master/variants?
  13. Rei Vilo

    CC3200 transceiver mode in energia.

    Try the examples provided with Energia, for example Web Server and Web Client.
  14. Rei Vilo

    I2C- MSP-EXP430G2ET

    Please refer to the pins maps as the MSP430 LaunchPad exposés two I²C ports: one software master only, another hardware master and slave.
  15. Rei Vilo

    CC3200 transceiver mode in energia.

    The CC3200 only allows one client when used in access point. So one CC3200 could run as access point and another as client.
  16. Try #include "Energia.h".
  17. Rei Vilo

    SD.h: No such file or directory

    There is an official SD library that works great against the MSP430. Just search a little. I'm using the SD library from Sparkfun with very limited adaptation. Latest release of MSP430 boards for Energia is 1.0.5.
  18. Rei Vilo

    MSP430 and BOOSTXL power consumption

    Two pointers: Check the schematics of the BOOSTXL-SHARP128, Mistrust the readings of your DMM as it may suffer from the impact of burden voltage. About burden voltage, read for example http://eevblog.com/files/uCurrentArticle.pdf and http://literature.cdn.keysight.com/litweb/pdf/5992-0418EN.pdf)
  19. Rei Vilo

    BOOSTXL-SHARP128 with MSP-EXP430FR5969

    See https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/libraries/LCD_SharpBoosterPack_SPI
  20. Rei Vilo


    It is not precise enough: which interface? which controller? which operating voltage? There are already many threads about character LCDs on the forum. Please perform a search.
  21. Rei Vilo


    There are so many LCD screens available. Please be more specific.
  22. The question has already been posted and answered in this very forum. Which OS are you using? All MSP430 boards are affected. See Netiquette for Newbies Information to Provide When Asking for Help If you’re using macOS, see and https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core/issues/8
  23. Rei Vilo

    Msp430g2553 and CC3200

    Why to use two MCUs as the CC3200 includes its own Cortex-M4?
  24. Rei Vilo

    Simple Radio Library for CC1310

    You're welcome! The CC1310 LaunchPad includes a programmer-debugger you can use separately. Remove all the jumpers between the programmer-debugger and the MCU part. Use 5 x 2 XDS100 OUT connector of the programmer-debugger to flash another CC1310.
  25. Rei Vilo

    Simple Radio Library for CC1310

    The CC1310 LaunchPad has a sub-1 GHz radio. On Energia, Install the EasyLink library by calling the menu Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries..., then select EasyLink and click Install. Select the board CC1310 LaunchPad. Call the menu File > Example > EasyLink > EasyLinkTX for the transmitter example. Call the menu File > Example > EasyLink > EasyLinkRX for the receiver example. Both examples work together. Obviously, you need two CC1310 LaunchPad boards!