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    SD.h: No such file or directory

    There is an official SD library that works great against the MSP430. Just search a little. I'm using the SD library from Sparkfun with very limited adaptation. Latest release of MSP430 boards for Energia is 1.0.5.
  2. Rei Vilo

    MSP430 and BOOSTXL power consumption

    Two pointers: Check the schematics of the BOOSTXL-SHARP128, Mistrust the readings of your DMM as it may suffer from the impact of burden voltage. About burden voltage, read for example http://eevblog.com/files/uCurrentArticle.pdf and http://literature.cdn.keysight.com/litweb/pdf/5992-0418EN.pdf)
  3. Rei Vilo

    BOOSTXL-SHARP128 with MSP-EXP430FR5969

    See https://github.com/energia/Energia/tree/master/libraries/LCD_SharpBoosterPack_SPI
  4. Rei Vilo


    It is not precise enough: which interface? which controller? which operating voltage? There are already many threads about character LCDs on the forum. Please perform a search.
  5. Rei Vilo


    There are so many LCD screens available. Please be more specific.
  6. The question has already been posted and answered in this very forum. Which OS are you using? All MSP430 boards are affected. See Netiquette for Newbies Information to Provide When Asking for Help If you’re using macOS, see and https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core/issues/8
  7. Rei Vilo

    Msp430g2553 and CC3200

    Why to use two MCUs as the CC3200 includes its own Cortex-M4?
  8. Rei Vilo

    Simple Radio Library for CC1310

    You're welcome! The CC1310 LaunchPad includes a programmer-debugger you can use separately. Remove all the jumpers between the programmer-debugger and the MCU part. Use 5 x 2 XDS100 OUT connector of the programmer-debugger to flash another CC1310.
  9. Rei Vilo

    Simple Radio Library for CC1310

    The CC1310 LaunchPad has a sub-1 GHz radio. On Energia, Install the EasyLink library by calling the menu Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries..., then select EasyLink and click Install. Select the board CC1310 LaunchPad. Call the menu File > Example > EasyLink > EasyLinkTX for the transmitter example. Call the menu File > Example > EasyLink > EasyLinkRX for the receiver example. Both examples work together. Obviously, you need two CC1310 LaunchPad boards!
  10. Rei Vilo

    Launchpad Support

    Feel free to add a ticket at https://github.com/energia/msp432r-core/issues
  11. Rei Vilo

    Exsample code MultiEvents doesn't work

    Thank you for reporting it. It looks like the newer release of Energia requires setup and loop to be prefixes of the functions, when the initial example mentions them as suffixes. Would you mind opening a ticket at the MSP432 repository? Thank you!
  12. It was important to be sure, as the standard uploader DSLite doesn't work on macOS 10.14 but used to work on macOS 10.13. macOS 10.14 has changed the way USB ports are enumerated and named.
  13. Which release of macOS? See Information to Provide When Asking for Help macOS 10.14 — Upload to MSP430FR5994 Fails #69
  14. Rei Vilo

    Energia support for Hercules TMS570LS04x/03x LaunchPad

    See Hercules support in Energia? Add a New Board to Energia Please refrain from double-posting. Netiquette for Newbies
  15. Have you gone through the I²C Check-List?
  16. Rei Vilo

    Compile error

    Take another MCU or program in assembler.
  17. Rei Vilo

    library for GSM sim 800 using energia

    Don't expect much from the MSP430G2553 as it only features 512 bytes of RAM. Porting an Arduino library to Energia
  18. Rei Vilo

    About msp430F2617 compatibility with energia

    Energia doesn't support this specific MCU but you can Add a New Board to Energia
  19. Rei Vilo

    Compile error

    Not enough memory.
  20. Rei Vilo

    Compile error

    Just read the error report. It is pretty clear. c:/users/ju-kr/documents/schule/facharbeit technik/energia/hardware/tools/msp430/bin/../lib/gcc/msp430/4.6.3/../../../../msp430/bin/ld.exe: C:\Users\Ju-kr\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_960527/JUSTUS.ino.elf section `.text' will not fit in region `rom' Also of interest Netiquette for Newbies Information to Provide When Asking for Help
  21. Rei Vilo

    MSP430FR6989 pins_energia file

    Check Add a New Board to Energia
  22. Rei Vilo

    Quectel MC60 GSM libraries for MSP430FR6989

    Search for Quectel MC60 Arduino library Porting an Arduino library to Energia
  23. Check with the official BoosterPack Checker.
  24. Rei Vilo

    MSP430FR6989 FRAM example code for energia

    FRAM is used just like RAM. See energia/msp430-lg-core#31
  25. The only change I made on the cc3200.ld was to modify the heap size. You can find more information at the §3 Linker Scripts of The GNU linker. Alternatively, Have a look at the linker scripts provided by CCS Post your question at the E2E forum, for example CC3200MODLAUNCHXL: How to handle the stack and CC3200MOD Bottom 16 KB SRAM usable?