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  1. I am not sure whether SoftwareSerial works fine on the MSP430G2553, for the same reason of very limited RAM. Does the ESP8266 run at 5V? MSP430G2553 runs at 3.3V.
  2. How the ESP8266 is powered? Keep in mind the ESP8266 requires up to 400 mA, so it requires to be powered separately, as the MSP430 can supply all the current; Which reference of the MSP430 are you using? The MSP430G2553 has 512 bytes only of RAM, which may be too short.
  3. There are two questions on your post: How to use CC3200 WiFi? How to use Google Firebase? To answer question 1, play with the examples supplied by Energia. For question 2, I don't know Google Firebase, but there is a specific section of the documentation devoted to Add Firebase to your C++ project.
  4. For your own board, please refer to
  5. The RAM of an MCU can’t be expanded. Go for another LaunchPad with a more capable MCU.
  6. Have you checked the thread Porting an Arduino library to Energia? Keep in mind the MSP430G2553 has very limited RAM, 512 bytes, too limited for your project.
  7. Please avoid duplicate posts — If no one answers, it might be no one uses that specific screen
  8. Just have a look and use the examples provided with the EasyLink library. They work fine.
  9. The radio of the CC1310 is sub-1 GHZ, not WiFi. Look for the EasyLink library.
  10. Go through the examples available on the Energia menu File > Examples > 02. Digital.
  11. Rei Vilo

    ? and its use

    See http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/181870/
  12. We are missing critical information to be able to help you. Please refer to Netiquette for Newbies Information to Provide When Asking for Help
  13. Flash has only a limited life-span of write/read cycles. Consider instead a micro SD-card or a MSP430 with FRAM memory.
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