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  1. Please check the pins maps at https://energia.nu/pinmaps/ and go through the data-sheets of the LaunchPads and related MCUs.
  2. You can only have one program running on the LaunchPad. Each upload erases the previous one.
  3. After upgrading the version of macOS, e.g. from Mojave to Catalina, you need to reinstall all the specific drivers.
  4. Rei Vilo

    LCD for MSP430G2

    The Nokia 5110 84x48 and Nokia 7110 96x64 are affordable and easy to use, with libraries available for Energia. Another popular choice is the SSD1306-based 128x64 OLED screen. Use the Search box on the forum to get libraries and demoes.
  5. Ensure the configuration of the pins is correct. See https://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/launchpad-cc3200-wifi.html
  6. Try Random Numbers random() randomSeed()
  7. Why aren't you using the built-in QEP inputs? The TM4C123 features 2 QEP with TTL inputs natively. See my separate answer to your previous thread. You may need to declare the variables as volatile.
  8. The code I mentioned actually works for me. I went through the well-written TivaWare™ Peripheral Driver Library for C Series User's Guide (Rev. D). As an option, you can start from scratch and develop your own library.
  9. You can easily change those parameters by editing the file ~/Library/Energia15/packages/energia/hardware/msp432r/5.25.0/platform.txt on macOS.
  10. Perform a search with quadrature https://forum.43oh.com/search/?&q=quadrature See http://forum.43oh.com/topic/7170-using-harware-qei-on-tiva-launchpad/
  11. Have a look at the BoosterPack Checker, part of TI Cloud Tools. It lists all LaunchPads and BoosterPacks, and allows to check the compatibility. https://dev.ti.com/bpchecker/
  12. Release 11.2.1 of embedXcode adds support for Xcode 11.1 on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Download
  13. New release Energia 22 throws this error on macOS 10.15 Catalina: Indeed, many Java related files seem to be missing. I'm waiting for the final release. In the meantime, I'm using Xcode with embedXcode.
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