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  1. The important characteristics are not the size and resolution of the screen, but the controller and its interface. As long as an Arduino library calls high-level libraries like Wire and SPI, porting to Energia would be easy. You only need to change the pins number to fit with the LaunchPad. This is the best way for learning. Enjoy!
  2. @venkatesh223 There is no need to double post your question. See Netiquette for Newbies.
  3. You could find tips and tricks at Porting an Arduino library to Energia.
  4. Rei Vilo


    Release 10.2.3 updates support for Xcode 10.1 and macOS 10.14.1. Download
  5. Rei Vilo

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome! You can read Ultra-Low Power with MSP430 to leverage ULP on MSPE430.
  6. Rei Vilo

    Powering ST LSM303AGR from MCU IO Pin

    You need to read the data-sheets of the MCU and the sensor and check the mA provided and used.
  7. Rei Vilo

    MSP430F5529 with DAC128S085

    The data sheet http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/snas407h/snas407h.pdf says the DAC128S085 can be driven by SPI.
  8. Rei Vilo

    Polling the reset button (S1) on MSP-EXP430G2

    Wouldn't be easier to buy an external switch and connect it to any GPIO available?
  9. Rei Vilo

    EmbeddedXcode Msp430fr2311 instructions

    The problem with MSP430FR2311 is, it isn't officially supported by the latest release of Energia. Release 5 of embedXcode is dated 20 Dec 2016, is deprecated and no longer supported. It doesn't even appear on Tools > Board list of the latest release of Energia.
  10. Rei Vilo

    Using FRAM above 0x00010000

    See https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core/blob/new_compiler/extras/readme.txt for support of MSP-GCC with large arrays in FRAM. Tested successfully on macOS with minor adaptations.
  11. Rei Vilo

    MSP430G2 Drivers - Not Working on Mac

    Which release of macOS? For the last release of macOS, see macOS 10.14 — Upload to MSP430FR5994 Fails #69 and MSP-EXP430FR5994: macOS 10.14 Mojave — Upload to MSP430FR5994 ezFET Fails.
  12. The file seems to have been corrupted.
  13. CC3220SF board not detected You need to edit the DetectDevice.h file and add the reference for the CC3220. #if defined(ENERGIA) #define INFO_DEVICE "Energia" #if defined(__MSP430F5529__) #define INFO_CPU "MSP430F5529" #define NO_FLOAT // Added support for CC3200 and other LaunchPads // Rei Vilo, Nov. 30, 2016 — CC = BY SA NC #define F(x) x #elif defined(__CC3200R1M1RGC__) #define INFO_CPU "CC3200R1M1RGC" #define NO_FLOAT #else #define INFO_CPU "Other LaunchPad" #warning "Cannot detect board type" #endif ltoa() See CC3220 — 'ltoa' was not declared in this scope #30. An issue similar to ltoa was reported and fixed at itoa.h Issue with CC3200 Examples #19.
  14. As for the verbose output in Preferences and post the whole log.
  15. The code for CC3200 should be compatible with the CC3220. Have you tried?