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  1. Below are some logic analyzer screenshots. The g2553 is set to the internal DCO with a frequency of 16MHz with no prescaler. The SPI divider UCB0BR0 = 32. I should be seeing a clock frequency of 500KHz correct? I am however seeing a clock frequency of 3.3KHz. The data is also being transmitted at a rate of approximately two bytes every 300ms. Using v1.2 for the g2553 http://doc.43oh.com/BoosterPack:OLED#Hardware_revisions Pins : SCLK 1.7 SDIN 1.5 RES 2.1 CS 2.0 RS D/C 2.2 The display is set to run in 3 wire SPI mode. I have tried looking for any code that would be waiting
  2. And the DSP core would be great for demodulating said signals.
  3. Dangerous prototypes case? Like a buss pirate case?
  4. I am planning on working with brushless motor control.
  5. Would it be possible to adapt this boosterpack schematic design to use higer amperage fets? What I mean is, if I design a basic control with it for a motor under low torque could I then make a new board with 40A - 100A capable fets with minimal tuning?
  6. fry's electronics has them in packs for less than $3
  7. Ok, that's what I thought. I will just get a spectrum XDS100 board
  8. Forgive my ignorance... Are all launchpad XDS100 interfaces fully capable? I know some manufactures sell development boards that are tied to one chip or family of chips. If the MSP430 Launchpad will work I will use that instead.
  9. Ah, so the launchpad can be hacked into a stand alone unit just like the MSP430 version. That works for me.
  10. I am looking at the xds100 emulators and trying to price them out. Any reccomendations?
  11. my plan was to use proper gate drivers and then have a way to use a variety of fets from there. I will have to look into this more to fully understand what I am doing.
  12. perfect! I am interested in having sensor support simply for high torque start up situations (RC cars, tracked vehicles etc.) But my intentions are for both sensored and sensorless applications. I think this would be a VERY good thing if TI came out with a BoosterPack so I don't have to do it on my own...
  13. I am interested in making a BLDC BoosterPack for a wide variety of motor applications. Perhaps with modifiable interchangeable power fets for different applications. Anyone else interested in this too?
  14. It looks like the emulation is separated from the chip like the MSP430 board!
  15. I really don't think the Stellaris launchpad will have a very large following. I found that most of the msp lauchpad hype was from people expecting a $5 Arduino. Keeping the Stellaris under this forum might be the best choice as the number of dedicated Stellaris users is probably going to be small.
  16. http://jeelabs.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/DSC_0421.jpg I think like this... right?
  17. 43oh is stellar. I hope this forum and the c2000 treat me the same!
  18. You are admin on the 43oh forums?
  19. I agree... It does seem a bit silly.
  20. The C2000 schematics are in the controlSuite download. http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontroller/32-bit_c2000/software.page
  21. HI! New to the C2000 series, excited to learn it! Kyle
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