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  1. Hi, This may help a little. My old MSP430 site: http://lakeweb.net/MSP430/ Note that I have a small DOS suitable for the SD card there. I'll see about doing a version 2 in April. It needs more bells and whistle options. I'll also do everything with stdint.h Best, Dan.
  2. (This is my extra message.)
  3. Hi bluehash, Thanks. I'll post an extra here and then add to the links thread. Best, Dan.
  4. Hi Trey, Thanks! I can't wait to see what you have. I've been digging through the docs well before I ordered the stick. It will be interesting to accually process a signal. I'll get free time starting in April and then I can hit the learning curve. I'm sure I'll have questions! Best, Dan.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I kept missing the TI Deal but just ordered this. Best, Dan.
  6. I have yet to do anything with the c2000 but I'd like to. I've had an on going thought of fuel injecting my old Toyota truck for the fun and mileage. Maybe this summer. I also have an interest in software defined radio. Best, Dan. (KJ6FI)
  7. Hi, I've been a member on the yahoo list for many years. I dabble with the msp430, my day job is writing financial software, boring... I do have some stuff up on the web but I can't seem to post even a 'doesn't look like a url' for now. I have plans of doing a lot more stuff this summer! Best, Dan.
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