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    Automate reacted to Desmond in Stellaris as a tool   
    The best example of Stellaris as a tool is as a logic analyzer see here.. http://www.sodnpoo.com/posts.xml/variable_sample_rate_stellaris_logic_analyser.xml
    Currently I am working with the ESP8266 modules and I wanted to see what was being transmitted and received over  the serial interface without cluttering my code with debug.
    Stellaris is perfect.
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    Automate reacted to smarpl in Bitlash   
    I succeed porting Bitlash to MSP430 microcontrollers. See my blog post Bitlash for MSP430
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    Automate reacted to David Bender in Reading and Powering a Digital Dial Gauge   
    Harbor Freight offers a decent deal on a digital gauge that also communicates its reading (much like a Chinese calipers).
    I built up an MSP430 based solution to retransmit this data via UART and externally power the dial gauge (eliminating the need for a button cell battery).
    Project details are at https://analog10.com/posts/external_power_for_the_pittsburgh_dial_gauge.html
    Code is at https://github.com/analog10/Digital_Dial_Gauge_Reader
    Happy Holidays

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    Automate reacted to mechanic in Extending JavaScript Network Usefulness   
    Extending the Beaglebone Black network JavaScript usefulness.

    Mozilla, and its sister Iceweasel, have a web developer tool called Scratchpad.
    Scratchpad is available under the Tools/Web Developer menu on these browsers.

    What Scratchpad will allow is to write Bonescript programs on your main system and then run them on the Beaglebone just as if you modified the examples on the web page that the Beaglebone serves to your network connection. You can also save and edit your programs with Scratchpad.

    For example;

    Start the Beaglebone and connect to its web page.
    Click on the RUN button on top of the example Bonescript.
    All four LEDs should lite for 2 seconds.

    Now highlight the Bonescript code using the Right mouse button and then copy it using either CTRL+c or the copy function in Mozilla's Edit menu.

    Go to the Tools menu on Mozilla and select Web Developer -> Scratchpad.
    Then either use CTRL+v or the paste function in Scratchpads Edit menu to copy the code into Scratchpad.

    Clicking the RUN button in Scratchpad will now execute the code on the Beaglebone.
    NOTE* The Mozilla browser on your computer must be pointing to the Beaglebone in order for this to work. If you have a different tab open and active the server for that tab will not understand what you are doing.

    Save the program in Scratchpad somewhere on you computer with a suitable name like usrled.js .


    In the Scratchpad window highlight the line "b.digitalWrite('USR3', b.HIGH);" and click RUN. Only one LED should light and stay lit.
    Edit the same line and change the "HIGH" to "LOW" and again highlight that line and run it. The LED should go off.

    If you now click RUN without selecting a line, only three LEDs should lite for 2 seconds.

    Have Fun.
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    Automate reacted to Remixed123 in Large Scale IoT: CC3200 LaunchPad and Microsoft Azure   
    I have put together a proof of concept which has the CC3200 LaunchPad communicating directly with Microsoft Azure to create a highly scalable (millions of packets a second) ingestion system that also provides near real-time streaming analytics, and machine learning capabilities. 
    I thought I would share it with you all, and hope you find it either interesting or useful.
    End to End IoT Proof of Concept Website: http://ssmlwf.azurewebsites.net/
    GitHub Source Code: https://github.com/remixed123/IoT
    GitHub Wiki, includes setup steps: https://github.com/remixed123/IoT/wiki
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    Automate got a reaction from exemaspilasem in Beagle Bone down to $30   
    Not BBB
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    Automate reacted to TI_Trey in Discrete Solid State Relay BP   
    Hi 43oh!
    It seemed like there was some interest in my solid state relay board, so I figured I'd post up the design files.  Because of liability reasons (being high voltage and what not) I can't produce this, but your welcome to get some boards made and solder them yourself.  Be warned, soldering the heat-sinks to the board is VERY DIFFICULT!  You'll need a board pre-heater, hot air, and some good flux.

    Design package (in EAGLE 6.5):
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    Automate reacted to JStat60 in Amplifying DataLogger with GUI   
    Hi Folks,
    I recently designed a Booster Pack that I intended to use as a recording pH meter.  The idea was that it would have a couple of British telecom analog (BTA) connectors that you could use to plug in a pH probe from Vernier instruments.  The problem is that I assumed that the pH probe was comprised of a pair of passive electrodes, when in fact it has an amplifier built in and requires power and ground connections in addition to an output.  This means that it cant be used as a pH meter (at least not with the Vernier probe), but you can use it for data logging.  Of course there are limitations on the voltages you can measure (zero to vcc) and time scale resolution (limited to > 5 ms or so by serial communications over the USB), but I suspect there are applications where this would still be useful. 
    The project is described on a couple of web pages and the source code has been posted to GitHub.  This write-up describes what I have done and has links to the Eagle files, Energia code, and Processing code for the GUI.  It also has a screenshot of the GUI so you can kind of see what is going on.  The board design has been shared on the OSH Park web site, so you can just order a set of boards from them if you so desire.
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    Automate reacted to adrianF in New Grove BoosterPack from Seeed Studio   
    Great questions, Igor
    The Grove BoosterPack leverages the following pins for the various connectors. We did our best to align with the 40 pin BoosterPack pin out. Note that we are heavily leveraging the analog & digital pins that are at the "inside-20" pins (the 2 inner-most connectors of the BoosterPack plug). To enable these connections on a 20 pin LaunchPad (i.e. MSP-EXP430G2 or MSP-EXP430FR5969), you will have to use jumper wires to make the appropriate connections.
    In regards to the CC3200 analog channels, the BoosterPack does not do any scaling. For most of our WiFi demos, we are using the CC3100 BoosterPack paired with a MSP LaunchPad. Very little pin conflicts with this combo & we get the full 0 to VCC range of the MSP analog input channels.
    The table above & other details are available in the printed guide that will be included in the starter kit.
    Hope this helps!
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    Automate got a reaction from xxx1 in Embedded Systems/Electronics Black Friday Deals   
    Microcenter has Beaglebone Black rev C now through 23rd? for $40 ($15 off)
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    Automate got a reaction from bluehash in Embedded Systems/Electronics Black Friday Deals   
    Microcenter has Beaglebone Black rev C now through 23rd? for $40 ($15 off)
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    Automate reacted to EnergiaAtStellarisiti in TM4C1294 pin table spreadsheet   
    I have found the Energia pin map pdf's are difficult to match with the (several) pin numbering systems so I created an Excel spreadsheet to combine all of these. It's in a spreadsheet so you can sort on any column. This makes it much easier to find the pins and their functions. The pin functional groups are color coded. 
    Two sample images of the tables are included, one based on the Boosterpack pins (booster_pack), and the second on the breadboard pins (breadboard). Numbering lists include physical pins X6-X9, boosterpack pins A1- D2, GPIO pins PA-PQ, and digital pin-to-port numbers 1-95
    Attached Images Attached Files  TM4C1294 Board Pinouts_V3.zip   45.36KB  0 downloads

    View the full article on Stellarisiti. 43oh pulls Stellarisiti Energia posts, so that members do not miss out questions. Please bear with this arrangement for now. Thanks!
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    Automate reacted to Rei Vilo in Energia to BeagleBone's PRUs?   
    TI has launched a PRU cape for the BeagleBone dedicated to the PRUs.

    Has someone tried to adapt Energia to program those PRUs on the BeagleBone?
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    Automate reacted to Marc in [Energia Library] ZigBee   
    I just packaged Anaren's ZigBee interface firmware for their A2530 module into an Energia Library. For those interested check out: https://github.com/mweintra/ZigBee
    It is compatible with most launchpads (see https://github.com/mweintra/ZigBee/wiki). Basic tutorials and examples are provided, I am still working on the reference documentation.
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    Automate reacted to Lgbeno in Measuring Apple Cider Fermentation   
    Just a fun side project, I recently pressed some apples into cider and now I'm fermenting it into hard cider. In the process I added a magnet and Hall effect sensor to the airlock to track the CO2 output of the fermentation process.
    I was surprised with the results so far.
    Here's a bad picture:

    And the data: http://imp.guru/f2c
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    Automate reacted to bobnova in [Energia Library] Nordic nRF24L01+ library   
    I wasn't able to get a NRF24 working with a MSP430G2452, let alone a 2231.
    Not really sure what the 2452's problem was, easiest guess is RAM of course, as I don't know how much the library consumes.
    I did a quick count and it seemed like enough, and went through the library a bit looking for references to HW at the 2452 doesn't have, but never really found much.
    Doesn't surprise me much that it won't fit a 2231, those things are tiny as I recall.
    As a note, when the library says that the NRF24 is in low power mode it really means it.
    I have one outside right now running off a AA Power Board from Jeelabs (boosts >0.9v to 3.3v), connected to a 2553. It checks temp and light and battery level then sends out a packet containing that plus a count plus an ID number every ten seconds and sleeps the rest of the time. I hacked things up a bit to allow LPM3 in energia and set a timer running to wake it back up every ten seconds.
    I put it outside in a plastic bag (rainy season) with an alkaline AA I found lying around that had ~1.32v unloaded.
    After about eight weeks or so (more?) it's still running and the battery has gone down by about 30mV according to the node.
    Very happy with the library am I.
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    Automate reacted to jscrane in Energia/Arduino Makefile   
    Hello world,
    If your project has outgrown the capabilities of the Energia IDE, why not try Gnu Make?
    I've put together a set of Makefile fragments which support Energia (msp430 and lm4f) and Arduino 1.0, here: https://github.com/jscrane/uC-Makefile. For most projects, a Makefile as simple as this suffices:
    Followed by:
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    Automate reacted to Lgbeno in imp.guru Droplet and 915MHz Long Range Radio to WiFi   
    Sorry for the mega post but as you may have already noticed, lately I

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    Automate reacted to chicken in Thermostat and Water Meter w/ BoosterPack headers   
    Interesting: The MSP430FR4133 reference designs for a thermostat and a water meter come with BoosterPack headers.

    However the pin-out seems to be only partial. At least it's sufficient to use SPI/I2C.

    More here: http://e2e.ti.com/blogs_/b/msp430blog/archive/2014/10/16/new-reference-designs-available-based-on-the-new-msp430fr4133-mcu.aspx
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    Automate reacted to ILAMtitan in AC power usage Booster Pack   
    I've tossed around the idea of making an e-meter booster pack, but the Launchpads just don't have the proper analog to do the TI energy metering solutions justice.
    We did just release a new TIDesign for a branch cirucit monitor that can measure up to 7 current channels: http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-00222
    That might be a decent starting point if you want to make one of these yourself.  Hopefully it goes without saying though, mains voltage is super dangerous, and make sure you play it safe.
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    Automate reacted to Fred in Some target board deals   
    A few of us now have the MSP-FET - mainly thanks to TI's ESI project. The target boards are great if you want to prototype something quickly and need to use a device that's only in a SMT package. However they're quite enpensive for hobbyist use. I thought it worth mentioning that I found a US eBay seller hrojas with some target boards for $20 each. He even did me a deal on international shipping as I bought a few. He's got the following: TS430PW28A, TS430RGC64USB, TS430PZ100B, TS430PS24, TS430L092, TS430RGC64C
    I also noticed that the target boards listed a while ago with TI deals on them are still at that low price - or in some cases even lower. They're shown as full price on the TI site but if you click "buy from TI" the price in your shopping cart is lower. I think I checked them all and these are the ones that come up cheaper than listed. (Some by a lot, some not so much.) These are perhaps the ones that are a little less in demand and aren't selling so well, but they might be useful.
    TS430L092 - $20
    TS430PEU128 - $20
    TS430PW24 - $30
    TS430DL48 - $40
    TS430PN80A - $55
    TS430PW28A - $55
    TS430PZ100 - $55
    TS430RGZ48B - $75
    TS430RSB40 - $75
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    Automate got a reaction from bluehash in Products using MSP430   
    Well, not an MSP but the Wink home automation hub does have two TI CC1101 for 433Mhz communications with Lutron and Kidde devices.
    The board is nicely labeled with the 5 different wireless radios (WiFi/BT, Z-wave, Zigbee, Lutron, Kidde)

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    Automate got a reaction from cde in Products using MSP430   
    Well, not an MSP but the Wink home automation hub does have two TI CC1101 for 433Mhz communications with Lutron and Kidde devices.
    The board is nicely labeled with the 5 different wireless radios (WiFi/BT, Z-wave, Zigbee, Lutron, Kidde)

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    Automate reacted to Antscran in MSP430 voice control over bluetooth   
    Hi all,
    I was playing around with the MSP430G2553 and the UART at the weekend, then remembered I had a cheap HC06 bluetooth module.  The result being a basic Android app that you can control your launchpad using voice control, it's far from polished but a bit of fun all the same 
    Project tutorial. C code and Android App http://coder-tronics.com/msp430-voice-control-over-bluetooth/
    Video demonstration  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Z5ixK30Ddc
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    Automate reacted to spirilis in New MSP430 FRAM - FR41xx/FR2xxx   
    LaunchPad for the new chip with a segmented LCD ... but only two 1x10 headers (similar to the FR5969 LP)- http://www.ti.com/tool/msp-exp430fr4133
    Still scratching my head a bit at the lack of 40-pin headers on those FRAM launchpads, but at least with this one I can assume the reason is that the pins are taken up by the LCD
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