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  1. Chris (simpleavr), Can you point me in the right direction to Ken Sherriff's TMS0803 Java Simulator code, please? I apologize. I've been searching but I just can't seem to find it. TIA. Cheerful regards, Mike
  2. Hi Chris (simpleavr), May I ask where is software for v2 board and which compiler, please? I'm hoping it's CCS ??? Thanks... Cheerful regards, Mike <added> Found it and I see you're using GCC...
  3. I hope this updated wiring diagram for v2 board may be useful. Cheerful regards, Mike, K8LH
  4. Thank you for checking, Chris, but doesn't that code snippet suggest that P1.3 is high and P1.2 is low (P1.3 = anode and P1.2 = cathode)? The wiring diagram was made using the drawing tools in Microsoft Excel. I love those bubble displays but they're much too expensive for my budget so I thought maybe I'd try to build this project on a prototype board with standard displays. I will add the missing battery, bypass cap, and power switch to my diagram and I would be happy to post it, if anyone is interested. Again, very nice project! Thank you for sharing. Cheerful regards, M
  5. Hi Chris (simpleavr), Bravo! The project looks great! Unfortunately, I still can't figure out your ASCII art schematic so I'm trying to come up with something based off your printed circuit board. If you get a chance could you take a look and tell me if I have the correct polarity on the "negative" LED, please? Or, any other errors, for that matter? I know I still have a few components to add (battery, power switch, and bypass cap). Thanks. Cheerful regards, Mike
  6. Has anyone come across any Stellaris/Tiva C examples for generating NTSC/PAL or VGA video output? Preferably, using DMA to lessen processor overhead. TIA... Cheerful regards, Mike
  7. NatureTM, Has your blog moved? I can't seem to bring it up. Cheerful regards, Mike
  8. With the switches wired this way, would a switch press interfere with the display?
  9. Hi Chris, Do you have a better schematic? The one you posted doesn't make sense. For example, it looks like P1.7 is connect to every segment on the display effectively shorting them all together. Regards, Mike
  10. Is PUSH2 incorrectly shown connected to P1_5 on all of these pictures instead of on P1_3?
  11. Ahh, of course. That makes perfect sense... One of the PinMode parameters could be a variable and not always a constant, and so you don't always have a way to resolve the parameter to a constant at compile time. In that case you must use run time code (tables) to resolve the pin parameter into the constant you need for working pinMode() output code. But how about those pinMode() instructions that do use a constant pin parameter? If your sketch only used constant parameters, wouldn't it be nice if the compiler could generate the nice four word output code for each of those instructions? I
  12. Just playing around and I noticed that the first occurrence of a pinMode() instruction costs 172 bytes of program memory and 10 more bytes for each additional occurrence (I'm using MSP430G2231). Then the first occurrence of a digitalWrite() instruction costs 50 bytes of memory and 10 more bytes for each additional occurrence. Using a P1DIR = 0xFF instruction to set all port 1 pins to outputs costs only 4 bytes. So, after eliminating the pinMode() instructions in favor of a P1DIR= instruction I noticed that the first occurrence of a digitalWrite() instruction now costs 94 bytes of memory and
  13. Good luck and best wishes Matt...
  14. Ok, I think it's working. Setting editor.antialias=true makes a perceivable difference though the font still doesn't look as good as it does in my other IDEs for some reason. Thank you for helping, Gentlemen. Cheerful regards, Mike
  15. That file looks very similar to the one in the Arduino IDE, and just like the Arduino IDE, attempts to change the Editor font don't work. At least not for me. It almost seems as though fonts are included in the IDE java files. Anyway, it's a shame because the font makes a huge difference on my laptop;
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