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    ROCKETuC is a library for launchpad, processing and Java which allows for control of the microcontroller through USB.
    Stefan Wendler and I (mostly Stefan ) have been putting this together to get it to a state to release for feedback.
    "ROCKETuC is a Library for fast prototyping of micro-controllers through serial protocols.
    Currently the TI Launchpad with an MSP430G2553 installed is the only supported
    Right now, we have a github page with a pre-alpha release
    A how-to for processing
    Processing example code
    Here is an image of a simple GUI in processing by Stefan:

    Source code for the GUI
    We are looking for people to try it out and give some feedback.
    We are also looking for coders to help with the project, specifically with the processing library, add-on modules, documentation and website.
    We will also have a homepage up at
    homepage: http://rocketuc.com
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    I just put the videos on youtube.
    Basic Introduction to ROCKETuC:

    Using External Interrupts:

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    wendlers got a reaction from Automate in Community Project: ROCKETuC   
    Here is the protocol definition for ROCKETuC.
    And yes, the Simpsons already did it, ah no I mean Firmata does something similar, but we use a different protocol ... A standard in general would be a good thing but is hard to achieve. But the protocol (as well as the transport layer) of ROCKETuC are only one aspect of ROCKETuC, and they are exchangeable in fact.
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