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  1. ah and I forgot an other thing: you don't need to use Processing at all! The processing library just relays on a Java library which exactly provides the same functionality. Anyway, if you intend to connect the Launchpad to a small embedded like hardware (RasPi or whatever), Java may not be the best choice. I am thinking about providing a Python binding as well :-) I wrote up lately some Client Implementation Hints to make it more easy for others to come up with bindings in other languages (personally I would love to see a C++ API).
  2. interesting: what language are you intending to use? what is the device you are intending to connect the launchpad to?
  3. There is exactly such a thing for external interrupts as you described it :-) The MSP is configured to call an interrupt handler if e.g. a LOW-HIGH edge or HIGH-LOW edge is detected, and then passes that along the USB as ROCKETuC Protocol message. And this actually causes the client API to call your call-back handler ... Regarding the servo stuff. I am not sure if we really need to abstract that any more (but it would be easily possible to "mix-in" additional Functionality to the core ROCKETuC). Driving a servo is as easy as this: // import ROCKETuC API import rocketuc.processing.*;
  4. I just put the videos on youtube. Basic Introduction to ROCKETuC: Using External Interrupts: Regards, Stefan
  5. Here is the protocol definition for ROCKETuC. And yes, the Simpsons already did it, ah no I mean Firmata does something similar, but we use a different protocol ... A standard in general would be a good thing but is hard to achieve. But the protocol (as well as the transport layer) of ROCKETuC are only one aspect of ROCKETuC, and they are exchangeable in fact. Regards, Stefan ROCKETuC_Protocol.pdf
  6. Hello, my name is Stefan, and I am a software developer and hobbyist electronics hacker. I started working with the MSP430 MCUs some months ago, and I am currently working on various MSP430 based projects including a project which integrates the Nordic nRF25l01 wireless modules with a launchpad. I am looking forward to be part of this community, best regards, Stefan
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