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  1. If you are not getting all the formating abilities of printf/scanf, I can't see a reason to implement them, you can just write your own routines preferably with a circular buffer implementation(I just skimmed the text but as I understand, Michael Barr says this.) and name them whatever you like. But if the reason for wanting printf is formating purposes than you should go as Harman says. If you ask my opinion: printf/scanf formatting is not so suitable for uart, I did write my own routines in the past with support for different configurations(by implementing handlers) and advanced for
  2. Can I ask for a simple circuit diagram for interfacing msp430 with a heater that runs off from mains(220Vac here, to be more specific.) Or a pointer to a reliable source will be appreciated as much, since there are so many different things on the internet and I lack the experience on this topic to decide.
  3. I don't, and I am not expecting the answer to be long I actually never measured how much current do I need and assumed much, and SSR s with much load current are pretty expensive, but it seems like i should measure my load asap
  4. This thread was left alone for a while because i was i little more busy than i expected but here are what i did on the time passed: 1-) I gave up from fancy but unnecessary stuff like touch lcd(whats bad about character lcds and 2 buttons ), so i ditched 5XXX series and started designing a board with F2274, i almost finished it and hopefully post it soon to hear what everyone thinks. 2-) I also decided not to use a dimmer circuit because since the system response is so slow that won't really provide any real advantage. Instead i will just use a relay to open and close the controller w
  5. You can solder it with a fine tip iron, its not as hard as it seems, if not you might try to get a lqfp zif socket but those guys are a little hard to get where i live.
  6. First of all, be very careful, you are dealing here with high voltage, make sure your circuit is properly grounded and isolated. Dimmer circuit will be perfect for the heater. I would use opto-triac to control power triac, because opto-triacs will isolate your circuit and usually come with built-in zero crossing detector, one less thing to worry about. Usually, circuits like this get their Vcc from line power, lowering it using a resistor and zener or regulator. Since you want to do some fancy stuff like USB connection, separate supply is the way to go. You can probably pick up cheap 5V regu
  7. I am planning to build a msp430 based water temperature controller to test my wits in control theory, and wanted to share my design with you guys to and learn what you are thinking about it. I actually don't have any problems in the control theory or software side, but the power side is making me worry since i have absolutely o experience in power electronics .Below is my functional diagram, i want it to be pretty awesome so i added a lot of unnecessary functionality to it, like touch lcd to configure target temp. and control coefficients on the fly, usb connection to connect it to a desktop a
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