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  1. you should check where you plugged in each of the wires on the SD card and also the voltge you was feeding your launchpad, not every SD card can handle the max 3.6 volts that the MSP430 can. I've never run it above 3V myself. with a micro-SD I think they use a lot less voltage and can go as low as 1.8V. it's porbably likely you've killed your card, before you get another just check how You've got it all wired up and make sure you got a capcitor on your SD card beetween Vcc and ground.
  2. I'm looking into write support at the moment, dose anyone know any examples of writing to a SD card on the MSP430? also with the SD card sheild it will be necessary in order to do proper write support to have some way to buffer 512 bytes at a time otherwise anything that was on the block previously would be erased. currently there are only two options about write support that dont need a 512 byte buffer: A) overwrite a empty pre-made container file's space save to a subdirectory, erase all other entrys in there and write one new file in there and write to a sector of empty space in the FA
  3. I'll recompress without compression and reupload, it's less than a meg - hopefully it should be fine for you after that.
  4. if your having trouble extacting try 7-zip, it's always been very reliable for me.
  5. Here is a video of the music player in action: The code has the following functionality: Initilise the FAT16 filesystem from an SD card in a single command - ThinFAT_Init(); Open Files on an SD card and allow you to test each filename with a callback Index Files by useing the same command as to open them with a callback returns data on if the filestream is active returns data on how far the file has been read through callback for when end of the file is reached Open Folders on an SD card - Untested and limitations: uses 54 bytes of ram approx dosen't support fragmented files reads file end
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