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  1. Mr

    This will sound harsh but please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way and then repost your question. We are not mind readers here but we are helpful when we can be. Please help us help you.
  2. Amazon FreeRTOS

    And the documentation is now FREE!!! I paid big bucks for my copy last year! Just, Wow!
  3. Amazon FreeRTOS

    Apparently, Amazon purchased FreeRTOS! Here is a Q&A session with the creator of FreeRTOS - Richard Barry. Neato!
  4. Amazon FreeRTOS

    I just spotted this on Hackernews: https://aws.amazon.com/freertos/ I am still reading about it but I thought others here would like to know about it.
  5. I got an email today from TI that looks like this: I bought some F5529 LaunchPads with an 11% off coupon. Catch them now before they leave November is here and so are great deals from TI. Over 20 discounted tools to choose from. Bundle up and save 11% on select tools and free standard shipping all week. With more than 30,000 products in stock, no MOQs, advanced package tracking, and multiple payment options, the TI store is your one-stop shop for ICs and evaluation tools. Get these deals now *Click for details *Disclaimers: Some exclusions apply. Coupons expire November 17, 2017 or while supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Enter coupon code "BUNDLEUP” at checkout to receive discount. Maximum discount per order is $150. Limit one use per coupon per customer. Free standard shipping discount given during checkout.
  6. Hi Everybody, I noticed that TI is running a deal on the new FR2433 LaunchPad board. Over on their blog, they posted a coupon code to drop the price from $9.99 down to $4.30. It looks like the limit quantity is 2x. After that, they are regular priced. I bought two today.
  7. Incremental Rotary Encorder on MSP430

    @pvoluitd Feast your eyes on this thread: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/947-rotary-encoder-and-the-lp/ I am sure you will find the information that you need right there.
  8. why not try using a GPIO pin to switch the power on/off to the SD card when you aren't accessing it?
  9. @mozobata, Check out the DS28EA00. It has two GPIO ports on it. Bit bang those GPIO pins to create an I2C interface over the One Wire bus. I've done this for a client. It works.
  10. Hi Everybody, I've been developing some code on Linux using CCSV7.2 and I already know that CCS will not program the g2553 like it would on a Windows box. But, I know that you guys are clever! How have you been programming and debugging the g2553 on Linux these days? Are you using a different LaunchPad and hot wiring it over to the G2553 LaunchPad?
  11. CCS7 Requirements

    @admirlk I'm sorry you are having so many challenges with code composer studio! It has happened to me in the past so I know how you feel. In the event that you do not achieve success tonight then might I suggest that you check out CCS Cloud. Make sure to login with your TI username and password. It will give you an online CCS instance to work in. To debug, install the TICloudAgentBridge in your browser and it's local helper program. I just did that today for my Ubuntu box. It works good. Best of luck!
  12. @makiyang614 I sure am hoping that you meant to say LaunchPad rather than Arduino since this site is dedicated to the TI LaunchPad in its various forms. That said, can you tell us if you are using a TI LaunchPad or an Arduino please?
  13. Products using MSP430

    I didn't even know they existed until I read your post! Maybe I can use a freight forwarding service? Hmmmm....
  14. Products using MSP430

    It even says ZEK on the CC3200! It must be calling me.
  15. What is your Backup Process?

    By the way, I just looked into the cost of a paid github account and the price is $7/month or $84/year. That gives you unlimited private repo's. Alternatively, gitlab community edition is freely available if you want to self-host. I'm researching this option right now.