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  1. I'll be updating soonish, but I'm merging the slave code and trying to do pheripheral selection/config using preprocessing. peripherals I'm incorporating into the slave code: * Digital out: Relays and TTL, * Digital in: Switches and TTL, * Thermistors: Specific NTC at least. * CTs When I've got that fleshed out, I'll get back to the first master code and rethink the comand protocol.
  2. This is very much in progress, and there's nothing fancy about it, but I wanted to share with you what I'm working on at the moment since I'm back into the 430 again after a while in arm/linux land. Only the relay stuff is implemented for now and the master is currently just a test which advances the relay selections by push of the s2 button. Criticism, ideas and insults welcome I would like to do various slave firmwares for sensors, etc and I will be incoprorating also a BBB controller at some point. Code shamefully stolen/modified from TI examples. Master.c //*************
  3. For anybody who missed my comment here i thought i would post it here. I was able to replace my borked LP and am able to offer one to the next person who needs one but can not afford it. $4.30 isn't a lot of money to most of us, but sometimes things are rough.
  4. I have not been able to fix the borken one. I wanted to update to let everybody know that I was able to replace my Launchpad. I bought two just in case. In the spirit of community that this forum has shown me, and because it's the Holiday season, I would offer to help out. If somebody else here knows what it's like not to be able to come up with $5 for equipment and needs a launchpad, please let me know. Limited to places that TI will ship.
  5. yes, that was the target side (3.5V). I did not supply it with 5v from the usb side of the tps77301. i already took some isopropanol and a toothbrush to the board. i gingerly ran a fine pick between all IC pins on the FET side of the board to make sure nothing which might have been missed in the cleaning bridged any pins. i'm starting to suspect the tps77301 regulator, and getting flaky behavior at the target end. a fraction of the time i plug the board in i get several hertz blinking of the led on p1.0, and corresponding interruption (cutting out) of the PWM the current program gener
  6. I hope reviving older threads is acceptable here, but I wanted to take a moment to say that I encountered nearly the same problem with my launchpad. In my case, i did not supply an over voltage to the target side of the board, but tried to supply from the Vcc on the target side a board which apparently drew more current than the USB port or the launchpad could supply (a gameboy pocket main board, minus the lcd). this dimmed the leds imediately, and i dicconnected the board within 1 second, but afterward the launchpad would not be recognized. I noticed between the usb connector and D1 what
  7. I'm a knifemaker and bowyer from california. I have only a little experience with PIC MCUs and am brand new to the MSP430, but I found the launchpad a hard offer to refuse. I am a hobbyist in electronic engineering and like adding new skills to by set, so I hope to do a lot of learning fast. I'm glad to find this site.
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