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  1. Yes, the original design is on thingiverse. I dont have any geared motors so modded a hobby servo and redesigned the mount for it.,
  2. A fun project while stucked indoors due the haze situation cause by land burning in Indonesia. The PSI averages at 300+ and is deem hazardous to go outdoor without a mask. Machine is modded from the original design http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:98669, with whatever I have on hand. Runs on a regular Hobby Servo (futaba 3003) , modded for continuous rotation, Energia and MSP430 Launchpad. Todo - add some sensor or trigger to start and stop machine based on an event. e.g. PIR etc.
  3. my avatar? My work pass when I did a shoot at florida, universal studios.
  4. nice, the last I etch was 10 years ago.. did some milling and decided to just go with the Chinese supplier.
  5. Went to the frame maker today, he charged me a bomb for a piece of branded German Borosilcate Glass, the thing about Singapore it is sometimes hard to find parts, most businesses are not interested in dealing with end-users, those that do, charges you a premium, the borosilcate glass cost about $80, the guy throw in a $3 piece of regular soda-lime glass for me. Tested printing with the regular glass, non heated, I am very impressed with the results, the piece came out clean and nice, not much stringing issues and definitely no melted base problem. Calibration was done at 0.1mm layer h
  6. Makerbot support responds vey quickly with answers that you don't need. Support only knows the surface and they make it too tedious for you to follow up. Heading down to the local frame maker for enquires when I have the time.
  7. I have not tried Slic3r, I recently switched to KisSlicer and it is amazing, I do hope it is open-source and I am willing to pay for it, basically it has some feature that cannot be replicated in others. Yeah, it is exciting, 3D printing is moving so fast that you have to relearn many things as you go along. I am excited to share your experience and knowledge and will do my best to share what I know. Currently I am upgrading my Bot to fix the issues that Makerbot refuse to fix and forgotten about upgrades for Rep1 user . Next upgrade is a Glass bed and replacing some part with alum
  8. actual print is about 10 to 12min, printing slight slower for better quality. it tends to overshoot when it goes to fast and you will get blobs on the corners. every different roll of plastic need to be treated differently and calibrated accordingly.
  9. Just some tips here, might be useful for anyone getting into 3D printing. Some discreet step to creating a 3D print. 1. Design in CAD software and export to STL. (Autodesk Inventor / SCAD) 2. Slice the STL in Slicer software to generate gcode. (Skienforge / KISSlicer) 3. print with design using g-code interpreter (ReplicatorG) I print ABS at 230 deg C, hotbed at 110deg C. PLA at 235, 50 deg on the Hotbed. for PLA I print not less that 80mm/s, extruder will jam if the PLA stays too long in the melt chamber. for ABS, 60 to 120mm/s. PLA is 'similar' to ice, turns liquid when heated
  10. Yellow, Natural, Red, Icicle Blue, Green, White and Black. Will put all this up for POTM prizes if it is ok with the BOSS.Let me know bluehash!
  11. There is no "catch" just a bump and friction fit, you snap it in and it stays.
  12. Dont worry about that.. haha. If bluehash allows, I can print and sell some, cover some plastic cost, of course Shapeway's quality will be better. $2 each + $2 for handling + shipping + packaging, (air mail should less than $3 - 6 to 12 days, i have to check) Will send some to bluehash for POTM give aways.
  13. will print some in other colors when I have the time.
  14. FYI. the above is printed with PLA, natural color.
  15. No problem, actually it is a good idea. I don't mind printing some but I am located in Singapore, shipping with not make any sense here. Price for shape-ways comes includes shipping?
  16. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:92339 Just to share a simple bumper I made for MSP430 Launchpad.
  17. for $660, it is a sweet deal, a heated build bed helps with the warping but also cause it as the top part cools and contracts, so keep the print area above the build bed temp regulated, no sudden temp change during print. you can use small disc on the corners to increase surface area to prevent warping. using acetone to clean the kapton taped or glass build surface helps the print to stick. I have never printed without a heated bed, so I cannot comment on that. my usual workflow for a self designed part is to print with 0.34mm layer with 1 or 2 layer shell and 10% fills to test runs
  18. How do I view flash content with the memory browser? What I see is not what I am reading or write to flash (INFOD). Any tips appreciated.
  19. Homing sequence, please ignore the mess on my work-desk.. haha. I promise to clean it up...soon.
  20. Hi this is a small prototype, .7meters. belt drive is too weak to take any bigger camera. Next version (if there is) with be 1 meter or so with better drive system, for bigger cameras.
  21. Video of it in action.
  22. Hi GeekDoc, you can get PLA at $24 to $30 locally, imported from china. check this out - http://www.mbot3d.com/collections/all?page=3 , I have never dealed with them as I can get it around that price locally, but you can try. I paid some like $55 per kg for Makerbot's branded ABS and PLA, I bought 5 to 6 different colors for a start, lasted me a very long time, only topped up a black reel and got a new reel of natural color, all china made, unbranded at about $30. Even with Makerbot branded filament, the specs can be wildly off, I have a reel that is 1.8mm and 1 that is 1.
  23. wow.. Geek alert... I going to re-watch it again... did I just say "Again"?
  24. Just to share some idea what I do with my 3D printer. I made a lot of customised hooks bumpers and mounts or my electronics project stuff for my RC hobby clips for CNC mill enclosure mounts for my motorised slider stuff for my wife and kid. phone stands. and many things you can buy for 10 cents or less.
  25. It is a prototype of a motorised slider I wanted to make for a long time. this is the first prototype, hope to get better parts a beefier slider that can hold at least a DLSR. the video is the product of using this slider, it is printing a MAKERBOLT thing.. haha. just a 3D printed nut and bolt.
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