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  1. Thanks; nice to be here. But I humbly decline to describe the IBM mainframe gig as sexy. Regarding that particular story, "ridiculous" might be a better word. It's part of the extreme variety I warned you about.
  2. Hello, 430 fans! This is my first post to 43oh.com... I just introduced myself here. I will be grateful if someone can help me with a little problem. Years ago I purchased a TI MSP-FET430X110 kit, which I used successfully to develop an 'F1121 project and later one using 'F1232. But my latest project involves a 'G2211, and my version of IAR Embedded Workbench won't communicate with the 'G2211 device. I'm tapping off the little FET board to get the 4 JTAG signals (plus /RST & TEST) to my project, the same approach I used successfully before. Although it's possible I have a hookup problem, mainly what's stopping communication (I think) is that my IAR is too old and lacks Device Description Files for the new chip I'm using (the 'G2211). The IAR has "User Interface ver 2.31C" and "target descriptor for MSP430 ver 1.25/WIN." Are there any other new files I need besides the DDFs? Can anyone supply them to me, or direct me to a download? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi folks! How to introduce myself -- hmmmmm. Perhaps you can judge me by the company I keep! I've used a lot of different computers in my work, and the '430 is one of my faves. Notable others (not necessarily favorites) include PLCs, 6809, some custom-design TTL processors and the Prime 100 -- a 1970s vintage 16-bit mini. (I hardly need mention 8748, 6502, Z80, 68HC705 and x86 of course.) I am an independent contractor, and my clients have presented me with many varied challenges over the years. Some of these are documented on my web site. The degree of variety is pretty extreme, so none of the articles on the site can be said to describe a "typical" job. But here are two projects involving the '430: http://laughtonelectronics.com/lab_oem/ ... inair.html http://laughtonelectronics.com/comm_mfg ... afety.html Fanatical, hard-core register-heads will also appreciate the following article: http://laughtonelectronics.com/arcana/B ... onPg1.html cheers, Jeff
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