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  1. erc

    Atlas project

    thats the cost for the TI chip. The completed dev board would be $30 or so I would think....
  2. erc

    MSP430 Seminars

    nice. found one about 5 min away from my office.
  3. cool! if you need parts for this (resistors, caps, shift registers, leds, etc) i would be happy to send you a box of stuff. shoot me a pm if i can help
  4. are you guys trying to remove the entire socket in one piece, or are you using micro shears to cut the plastic up and desoldering one pin at a time? If you have to pull the pin out with any force then you dont have all the solder melted. It helps to add new leaded solder, aids in heat retention and lowers the melting temp. The pin should come out very easily. A good tip for cleaning the holes: once you get the pin removed, fill the hole back up with leaded solder then while keeping the solder melted by holding your iron on the edge of the pad use a solder sucker to clear the hole. This pr
  5. erc

    Serial EEPROM

    Good job. These 24LCxx serial eeproms are perfect for adding non volatile storage to launchpad / msp430 projects -low cost, huge number of r/w cycles, and pretty low power consumption. I'm glad to see someone make the concept a reality. If anyone wants to try one out in their project, ill send one (no cost) to a max of 4 people. You have to post your project using it, usa only. If you want one, post what you would use it for.
  6. anything that does this right @ 200 amps is going to be expensive. You cant even measure 200 amps of AC current for a couple bucks if you dont need accurate sensing what about something like this: put a 3in section of 6awg wire in the circuit. It will have a resistance of 0.000098775 ohms and dissipate 4 watts with 200 amps going through it. Your voltage drop across it will be .019something volts. Measure this potential difference with a max4172 current sense amplifier, with its output into an analog input on your mcu. With some calibration this setup could actually be pretty accurate.
  7. a managed switch is a network switch with a serial console port that you can use to set things like vlan, port speed, etc and you can also issue commands like (my syntax is probably wrong) ifup eth0.1 to bring a port up and down. are you asking about something to turn ac power on and off via network? those are typically called remote reboot switches. check out baytech, they make several styles.
  8. another way to accomplish this that might be interesting would be to use a managed switch with the msp430 connected to its serial port where the msp430 issues the commands necessary to bring one or more ports up or down. You could have an array of on/off switches that control multiple ports on the network switch. It would be a whole lot easier though to just switch a small hub on and off though.
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