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  1. hi,, thanks for the reply... well !! am a neither an expert nor a beginner in C...infact i have some gud knowledge about C... For declaring the buffer, do i need to use the #definr statement? can u please give me an example of declaring a buffer?? pls it would help me a lot!!!!
  2. hi .. am using the msp430 launchpad for my project..i need to do the communication part in my project by sending the data to a remote computer and then retrieve using the rx tool..for this i have got EZ430-RF2500 and the target board as well.. so as of now i have just transmitted the data to the TXD pin of the launchpad , without storing it in a buffer.. But now i have to store in a buffer and the transmit it so that ther wont be any intervention , in transmitting... can u pls tell me how to initialise a buffer in the for storing and sending he data???..
  3. Thanks mate... Sure i will learn to walk... so here is my transmitter program... i have set the txd pins to transmit some bytes of data...how can ensure that the data is trasnmitted...pls help' #include "msp430g2231.h" #define TXD BIT1 // TXD on P1.1 #define Bitime 104 //9600 Baud, SMCLK=1MHz (1MHz/9600)=104 unsigned char BitCnt; // Bit count, used when transmitting byte unsigned int TXByte; // Value sent over UART when Transmit() is called // Function Definitions void Transmit(void); void main(void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop WDT unsigned int uartUpdateTimer = 10; // Loops until byte is sent unsigned int i = 0; // Transmit value counter BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ; // Set range DCOCTL = CALDCO_1MHZ; // SMCLK = DCO = 1MHz P1SEL |= TXD; // P1DIR |= TXD; // __bis_SR_register(GIE); // interrupts enabled\ /* Main Application Loop */ while(1) { if ((--uartUpdateTimer == 0)) { TXByte = i; Transmit(); i++; uartUpdateTimer = 10; } } } // Function Transmits Character from TXByte void Transmit() { CCTL0 = OUT; // TXD Idle as Mark TACTL = TASSEL_2 + MC_2; // SMCLK, continuous mode BitCnt = 0xA; // Load Bit counter, 8 bits + ST/SP CCR0 = TAR; CCR0 += Bitime; // Set time till first bit TXByte |= 0x100; // Add stop bit to TXByte (which is logical 1) TXByte = TXByte << 1; // Add start bit (which is logical 0) CCTL0 = CCIS0 + OUTMOD0 + CCIE; // Set signal, intial value, enable interrupts while ( CCTL0 & CCIE ); // Wait for TX completion TACTL = TASSEL_2; // SMCLK, timer off (for power consumption) } // Timer A0 interrupt service routine #pragma vector=TIMERA0_VECTOR __interrupt void Timer_A (void) { CCR0 += Bitime; // Add Offset to CCR0 if ( BitCnt == 0) // If all bits TXed, disable interrupt CCTL0 &= ~ CCIE ; else { CCTL0 |= OUTMOD2; // TX Space if (TXByte & 0x01) CCTL0 &= ~ OUTMOD2; // TX Mark TXByte = TXByte >> 1; BitCnt --; } }
  4. HI... I have made the connection as i said in the previous post!!! As ZEKE mentioned it is used to program the RF2500T....SO, for programming the RF2500T connected to emulator EZ430U pin of the launchpad, so i need to alter the JUMPER SETTINGS (J3)..?? or should i just direct the ports of the RF2500T target board to transmit the data?? pls help.. am really confused!!! P.N: I have got RF2500 usb dongle too...as well as target board rf2500t....
  5. hi... it is one of the possible ways of connecting the msp430 with the rf2500t target board i suppose..this i got from the pdf file of the rf2500 kit...
  6. hi all... I have got EZ420-RF2500 kit (USB dongle) as well the EZ430-RF2500T target board...i have connected the target board to the launchpad programmer as u have seen in the link....now tell me what should i do to transmit and receive the data between the rf2500 kit (usb dongle ) connected to the laptop and the rf2500t target board connected with the launchpad
  7. hi all... Actually i want to make an energy meter using the msp430 launchpad...after developing the launchpad as an energy meter , i would like to send the data from the launchpad to the remote computer.. so can u tel me how this is possible .. as mentioned before i understood that data can be sent through wireless media without the need of launchpad...bt how can i so this sort of data transmission using the target boards and the rf2500 kit... Also i have soldered necessary pins so that i could connect the RF2500T target board into the MSO430 Launchpad... ans here is the image of how i connected the launchpad with the RF2500T target board http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt ... 60&bih=543 am sry if i am had not made my point clear before.. help pls....... Aravind
  8. ya exactly...i would like to transfer the data from the launchpad...just for wireless data transfer am using this rf2500.. can u brief of how it can be done,,in which port the rf2500t has to be connected with the MSP430 launchpad...am new to this msp family..your help would be of great help... pls regards aravind
  9. Ya .. I want a wireless communication with launchpad and the computer using the wireless target board.. ca i make use of the antenna provided in the rf2500t to transmit the data and collect it through the wireless 2.4ghz channel being in-built in the laptop..!!! will this be working ?? If you already have the RF2500T board, you don't need a launchpad. The 22F74 in that RF2500 is pretty powerful. Whatever code you plan to put on the launchpad can run directly on the RF2500T board. The receiving side should be another RF2500T board connecting to the laptop via the programming dongle or via a UART-USB adapter. I have an example of the RF2500T boards running in a quad-copter flying machine here: http://code.google.com/p/simple-flight-controller/ (http://www.43oh.com/2010/11/msp430-base ... 30-rf2500/) Not sure what you mean by "the wireless 2.4ghz channel being in-built in the laptop..!!!" though. If you want to use the RF2500 to decode the Wifi or bluetooth of the laptop, then it's probably not possible. -Thanh Hi.. i have now got a RF2500 USb dongle attached with a target board rf2500t and another separate rf2500t target board.. i need to know how to transmit and receive the data between the two rf2500 and the rf2500t boards...i will be connecting the rf2500t target board to the launch pad as u prescribed in ur previous post.... hope i had made my point clear to u now.. sorry for the inconvenience,...
  10. hi all... i am a newbie to this msp430....i would like to transfer few bits of data to the output port so that i can transmit them through the ez430-rf2500 module....so pls tell me how to write the program... regards aravind
  11. Ya .. I want a wireless communication with launchpad and the computer using the wireless target board.. ca i make use of the antenna provided in the rf2500t to transmit the data and collect it through the wireless 2.4ghz channel being in-built in the laptop..!!! will this be working ??
  12. hi all.. am a newbie ti this msp family ..and as a budding engg student i would like to work with this launchpad..i have got the launchpad as well as the ex430-rf2500t wireless target board...i would like to know how can i interface the launchpad and the wireless target board so that i will be able to send sme data's from the launchpad to the computer. :? . pls suggest som ideas... :!: regards aravind
  13. aravind90

    lcd interface

    hi all. am aravind ....doin my final yr engg...am currently doin my project on MSP430 launchpad kit for AUTOMATING METER READING...i would like to know hw can i interface a lcd to the kit and also the kind of wireless kit tat can be used fr sending the sms...pls suggest me sme ideas... regards aravind
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