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  1. Aren't 14500 batteries Li-Ion? Yes they are just Li-ion , no polimer, my fault. About the battery life with the solar panel, is something I still have to check, The solar panel that can barely be seen in the photo (follow the black and red wires) is just 0.5W but due to the low power requirements of the launchpad I am optimisticthat it will be enough .
  2. As promised I attach some photos: schematics: As you can see I added some screw holes to the board. You can find more info at: http://www.flexnodes.com
  3. I started using TI's launchpad just for curiosity (the low price is very attractive), and I found that it is indeed a great tool, now I am trying to learn how to use the airbooster pack to create sensor nodes. At the same time I started designing a battery powered booster pack.
  4. It is my first post so I cannot post any image, tomorrow I will try to do so.
  5. Hi, I couple of months ago I started using the launchpad, then I decided that a booster pack with a lipo battery would be a nice feature, so I went ahead and design my own. I build up a boosterpack, although, I first call it power-shield (newbie fail). I decided to used a 14500 li-ion as battery due to their cheap price and relativele high capacity, I can charge it both by USB and a solar panel. For the output I an currently using a 3.3V LDO. Do you have any ideas on how to improve it? I will be glad to hear your feedback
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