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    eskimobob got a reaction from bluehash in crt0.S not found   
    Ok, got it working - I had set a couple of breakpoints in main.  Out of frustration, having tried everything else, I removed all breakpoints and relaunched and it worked ok - I can now add the breakpoints back in and all seems fine.  No idea what was wrong but something was screwy.
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    eskimobob got a reaction from cubeberg in Facebook Like Counter, 7 Segment display and Cloud9   
    Nice idea
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    eskimobob got a reaction from yyrkoon in Anyone playing with EncFS?   
    I can sympathise with what you are saying but having seen it in action, it is very slick.
    There is in reality only one copy of the files (the encrypted copy) on the disk.  If I try and write a file to the unencrypted mount point, the file system grabs it and encrypts it automatically then saves to disk.  Similarly, when I try and read a file from the unencrypted mount point, the file system intervenes, decrypts the corresponding disk file and makes it available to me.  All this is done transparently and with no noticeable delay 
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    eskimobob got a reaction from bluehash in Anyone playing with EncFS?   
    Ok, I gave up...  well, almost
    Since I was having endless problems getting it to build on Angstrom, I decided instead to try installing a BBB Ubuntu (13.04) image instead.  That was surprisingly easy to do and once booted, I was able to simply do:
    sudo apt-get install encfs
    and it worked like a charm - it downloaded the package and all dependencies and installed perfectly.
    I can now happily attach an external USB hard drive and use encfs to create a transparently encrypted folder - bingo
    Remaining tasks:
    1) setup a Samba share so I can access the drive across my network
    2) setup a cron job to do a daily rsync of the encrypted folder system to the cloud
    Longer term I would like to get it working on Angstrom since Angstrom boots significant faster than Ubuntu!
    As it happens, I have used the ldd command to get a list of the dependent shared libraries so I could in theory copy those across to my Angstrom distribution - the only problem there is that the Ubuntu distribution uses hard float whereas I'm pretty sure the Angstrom image uses soft float...
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    eskimobob reacted to gwdeveloper in SimpliciTI RF wireless for the Launchpad   
    With the group buy for CC2500 radios happening soon, I though everyone might want easy access to software and get up and running with wireless super fast.
    The conversion was pretty simple to get SimpliciTI running on the MSP430G2553. It uses UCBO on P1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7. P2.6 and 2.7 were used for GDO0 and GDO2 but these can be changed if needed. The led on P1.0 is used for a connection indicator. Of course, the jumper on 1.6 must be removed.
    Unzip the attached file to your SimpliciTI\bsp\boards folders.

    C:\Texas Instruments\SimpliciTI-CCS-1.1.1\Components\bsp\boards\LP_G2553
    It will work with MDFLY's CC2500 radio http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_52&products_id=880&zenid=hqoogv1qn7ler204vb7vjkior3, the group buy CC2500 radio http://www.43oh.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1873, and TI's RF2500T http://www.ti.com/tool/ez430-rf2500t.
    I'm working on a demo project to post here as well as a short tutorial on getting a basic SimpliciTI project started in CCS.
    On a side note, this will not work in CCSv5.1 yet. The new compiler creates numerous Syntax errors. It compiles and works just fine with CCSv4.
    EDIT: After changing the optimization level and ignoring the syntax errors, it compiles and runs just fine from CCS v5.1!
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