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  1. When debugging with Insight, I find a lot of variables are not viewable in the debugger because it reports even though they are simple variables - e.g. unsigned short and unsigned char etc. I've read the Insight manual and I could understand it if I was declaring a pointer to an undefined type but simple types should work surely? Perhaps the problem is with msp430-gdbproxy ? Has anyone solved a similar problem? As a secondary issue, it is frustrating that the mouse scroll wheel does not work (i.e. scroll the text) in Insight. Is there a better version with scroll wheel support? I'm using GNU GDB 5.1.1 Regards Martin
  2. Hi All, I've recently started using MSP430 having previously used PIC and AVR. I've got MSPGCC working on Windows but have some questions which I will post elsewhere. Regards Martin
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