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  1. Ok, got it working - I had set a couple of breakpoints in main. Out of frustration, having tried everything else, I removed all breakpoints and relaunched and it worked ok - I can now add the breakpoints back in and all seems fine. No idea what was wrong but something was screwy.
  2. My OLIMEX-JTAG-ISO seems to be dead but fortunately I have a MK2 version. I've not used it for debugging before and when I come to play with it this morning, I am getting an error message that I remember getting in the dim and distant past - unfortunately I can't remember how I solved it before on the MK1 model. _reset_vector__() at crt0.S:118 0x1100 Can't find a source file at "/home/pf/git/msp430eclipse/dk.xpg.msp430eclipse/scripts/src/gcc/libgcc/config/msp430/crt0.S" I had to upgrade my Eclipse plugin (from Ver1 to Ver3) and toolchain - everything compiles just fine. Weirdly wh
  3. I've used an MSP430-JTAG-ISO for years and been very happy with it. Used mainly with mpsdebug through Eclipse on Linux however also used via IAR in Windows. Come to use it today and couldn't seem to get it debugging correctly - no reason to think the MSP430-JTAG-ISO is faulty because I was programming units fine with it a few days ago so it's probably something daft I had set wrong. While experimenting to figure it out, I tried programming some code with the Olimex Windows software and it said that it was upgrading the unit firmware which was fair enough - I let it get on and do it.
  4. It's working fine on Ubuntu, I am very happy with it :-) I have been investigating relative costs of the different cloud storage options - since I have just under 250GB of data to store, I know I have to pay or else split the data into endless different accounts - since my aim is for secure backup of commercial data, I am happy to pay once I find a suitable cloud service. Not all of them support rsync and since I want this to be entirely automatic, that's a requirement.
  5. I can sympathise with what you are saying but having seen it in action, it is very slick. There is in reality only one copy of the files (the encrypted copy) on the disk. If I try and write a file to the unencrypted mount point, the file system grabs it and encrypts it automatically then saves to disk. Similarly, when I try and read a file from the unencrypted mount point, the file system intervenes, decrypts the corresponding disk file and makes it available to me. All this is done transparently and with no noticeable delay
  6. Ok, I gave up... well, almost Since I was having endless problems getting it to build on Angstrom, I decided instead to try installing a BBB Ubuntu (13.04) image instead. That was surprisingly easy to do and once booted, I was able to simply do: sudo apt-get install encfs and it worked like a charm - it downloaded the package and all dependencies and installed perfectly. I can now happily attach an external USB hard drive and use encfs to create a transparently encrypted folder - bingo Remaining tasks: 1) setup a Samba share so I can access the drive across my network
  7. It's probably bad form to reply to my own post but I've just made a bit of progress so better post to save others wasting time. After inspecting the configure script, it seemed like it was not actually really complaining that it could not find libfuse.a but that it could not find libfuse full stop. I therefore recompiled fuse so that I create libfuse.so and then tried compiling encfs again specifying LDFLAGS to point to the shared object file and this time it does fine the library. I now get a different error message: configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compilin
  8. I've got an interest in LinuxCNC, I use it on a desktop machine to control a small milling machine (Denford Triac). It works brilliantly but I'd love to do away with the tower PC in favour of a BBB. Must find some time to experiment with their latest efforts
  9. I want to use a BBB to make myself a custom backup device which will automatically encrypt files and periodically upload to a cloud or remote server via rsync. Sounds reasonable to me but I'm struggling to get EncFS to compile. I'm cross compiling on xubuntu using the arm-linux-gnueabi toolchain. When I run ./configure, I keep getting "Can't find libfuse.a - add the search path to LDFLAGS" despite having already compiled fuse and created libfuse.a. I have also tried setting the LDFLAGS to point to the libfuse.a file but it refuses to find it. This is the latest in a long line of
  10. Hi, I'm Martin. I've been playing with the BBB for a month or so now and just keep thinking of new uses for it My embedded linux experience is limited but improving all the time. Currently trying to get EncFS working on the BBB but will post about that in a more appropriate thread.
  11. Thanks Geof :thumbup: They look interesting - I see they are stating (Coming Spring 2012!) - not long...
  12. I call that partial dyslexia. It happens to me when I'm tired. Looks good BH. No, it is $1.58 before shipping costs etc - it then just happens to work out as $1.85 afterwards :thumbup: Nice one - thanks for organising :clap:
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