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  1. Sonic

    MIDI Arpeggiator

    Ah! Thanks Rob. Loads up great.
  2. Sonic

    MIDI Arpeggiator

    Hi Rob I'm getting back to my MSP430 after a bit of a hiatus. I see you've worked a bit more on these midi projects since I last looked. I'm a bit confused though. Which files do I need to make this arpeggiator work? I have an old working version, but this new version seems to have much less code and no main function. There is obviously a very sensible reason for this - would you mind explaining it for the sake of this particular dimwitted noob please?! Cheers! Richard
  3. Oops! Silly me. It was just the pins on my launchpad coming loose, in particular GND! :oops: Gaaah! I feel foolish. Still now I can start the fun part at least Thanks for your patience, Rob! Richard
  4. Ah. A good thought. But that doesn't seem to be it. Is there a simple way to check if the 430 is receiving any kind of signal at all?
  5. Thanks Rob I had indeed neglected to remove the TXD and RXD jumpers from J3, so I removed those. I think for a brief moment I succeeded in having it pause on the breakpoint on line 24 of midi.c. It paused immediately from the MIDI clock transmitted from my drum machine. So I disabled the clock, but then for some reason since then I haven't been able to repeat receiving any kind of MIDI. I've tried: - midi output from different sources - testing the output from each source with a usb midi interface and midi monitor software - checking the midi cables - checking the DIN socket
  6. Hi Rob I'm having difficulty getting even a simple test working with the Midi booster and I wonder if you can help. Your midi arpeggiator and harmonizer compile, load and run fine through CCS. I seem to get no signal from midi out though when I send a note to midi in. What would you suggest I check? Ideally I'd like to be able to print some debug messages via USB to a terminal emulator on the computer so I can start picking things apart. I found oPossum's nice compact printf function (link below), but I haven't succeeded in getting it to coexist with your midi code. viewtopic.p
  7. My launchpads came with 2231 and 2211. Perhaps they were earlier editions? They've been sitting on the shelf for a while. They came with male and female headers with neither attached and a surface mount 32kHz crystal which was slightly fiddly to install. Thanks for the encouragement Kyle. I have an Arduino sitting around too, but I came to the same conclusion re: the educational value of the LP route. I'm learning by writing myself a wiki. Progress is slow right now. In fact I'm still learning about how configure the clocks. I'm spurred on by the fantastic possibilities my newly acquired k
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes bluehash, I've seen RobG's projects they look very interesting indeed. They seem to require the msp430g2553 though. I suspect they use some functionality or other that the lower-end processors of the value series do not provide. Some samples arrived yesterday from TI, but my g2553s are backordered and won't come for a couple of weeks. Being new to microprocessors I've decided to do my best to learn everything thoroughly from the ground up. I just started MSP430 Microcontroller Basics by John Davies and it looks very promising. I'm using this PDF until m
  9. Ha! No replies! No problem! I'm finally finding information at a level I can actually digest to help me wrap my head around programming this device. Gustavo Litovsky's tutorial is helping me a lot in particular. It's linked to in the post by ender on the thread named 'Best information for those new to the MSP430?' I'd link to it, but currently I seem not even to be allowed to link into internal URL's without being identified as spammy. Richard
  10. One small detail I should add is I'm using a 6N138 optoisolator, powering the 6N138 with the Vcc from the Launchpad.
  11. Hi Everyone :wave: I am a newb with a couple of launchpads. One project I would like to build is a midi clock to cv clock so I can sync an analog sequencer to a midi clock. I've found NatureTM's midi synth, and also RobG's projects look very interesting. I've ordered some msp430g2553 samples from TI so I can try those. So far I haven't been able to get NatureTM's midi synth to function - perhaps I don't have the circuit right. What I would ideally like to get working first is to receive any kind of midi signals and echo them back out and view them via a terminal emulator. Actually I'd lik
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